Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Just another day off......

Helpers ....start the trellis for beans and cucks

BBQ dinner ...get the barn shavings down

Put up the Easter flag

Clean the upper garden

Do the trees trimmish

So today Im going to document what I have done I could not find my camera when I got to the recycling center with a car full of cans bottles and plastic....I opened the car got half the crap out because im sick of wating for apron strings (My son) to take it jezz i need the the guy as creepy as can be and mean he needed eoither a drink or to get he says we don't seperate .....ok fine...."well Didn't ya see the sign lady ??? Oh no but it is no problem and I do not scare easy but he was smelly...Ok ok I will go home and be back...(Jackass) so another nice guy says there is a customer area you can go over there and seperate them thank you doll I take the car go over seperate and get the stuff into the can which are HUGH and I'll be damn if im going to repack the car so i start to take both the cans and a bag of bottles balancing on my shoulder and this guy is watching my every step and inside I hear him saying these gosh darn women when will they learn we don't do eveyhting for them god damnit.... so I pull up and it was funny im laughing out loud at myself becuase im a do it or die I go towards the nice boy he takes my crap weighs it..... and im all what sign says seperate hummmm he is an idot then as im mulling around i see a sign as big as my home PLEASE Seperate your bottles and cans prior to pulling in .>>>LOLOLOLOLOL......... so big that i do not know how I missed it.....I laughed and laughed i think smelly thought i was laughing at him so i said Bye and thank you so much for your help you have a great day smelly butt and i added which really put him thu the roof God Bless!.....

So now I'm home and here are a few shots of how I'm spending this day off prior to going and getting shopping done and quilting tonight enjoy


Tangos Trash and Treasures said...

LOL I'm cracking up!!
I'm a do or die girl too!!

Doris Sturm said...

That's about the extend of "customer service" I've been getting lately - either people are getting stupiter, ruder or simply quit caring. I still say it's in the water!


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