Thursday, March 11, 2010

Going to mommies

OK so I'm all set to go to mommies and I have all my St.Patty's day crap the green mullet the outfit everything but opps i was suppose to go next weekend but I will go anywho and let the cronies use the goodies to enjoy the St Patty's party next Friday with put out me I'm very jealous because not only will i not be the center of attention tomorrow night we are playing tick and the cook is a lady I do not know she is new to the group and making a pot of ready here it comes Bouilbase....the group has invited her so I must be a good little girl.... she is a lady that Nancy has been tutoring in English this should be fun ....i will get pictures already excited and im going to make the fish tacos for mommy on saturday night...did i give you that recipe??? halibut tacos and mango salsa oh my gosh .....So i will take pictures and update you when I come home .....I have so much to do I have to get into that garden of mine ...This year I am planning to grow most of the stuff I can and I am starting to get a well stocked pantry...It is all new stuff for twenty ten....Well we have all kinds of time to talk about this..have blessed weekend and I will talk to you Sunday when I return....God Bless


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