Friday, January 22, 2010

Ok so it is Friday night and the weekend....

The weekend is upon us...what too do well the rain stopped and my god by the way the news is covering it you would think California is about to float away it is rain people put on some muck a lucks and get an umbrella...for god sakes....I mean back east they had enough snow to freeze any of us light weights and they get floods in the mid west where god damn houses are up rooted...and hurricanes try going to the area of hurricane alley....ok I'm jumping off my soap just makes me laugh Storm Watch 201o...da da tomorrow i am going back to the gym I'm starting off with Yoga..and i have a question for you dear ladies and Tom ....When i started my blog it was when i was diagnosed with breast cancer and i did the Avon walk ...I'm mulling about doing it again..what do you think it is 26 miles and i have to get 1800.00 in donations do you think i should do it again....ok give me some input...look at these pictures it is me and hubby in Boston and the little party he got on his 50th birthday....Hank and pretty girl cooked his dinner and i bought a little really was a nice night..then the next weekend I took him to dinner to the Palm i will get pictures from pretty girl...well i have so much more to share this weekend so come back tomorrow ...god bless...


Tom H said...

I'll be honest! 26 miles...walking! I'd have to think long and hard about even driving the car 26 miles. But for a good cause; that might be different. And I suspect it's probably good for the body as well as the soul. Go for it!

andsewon said...

TRAIN TRAIN TRAIN...then pray...;-)
26 miles is a long walk!!
Your cutie DH had a wonderful 50th...such a kid... haha!!
Stay dry!!
I am behind on my mail..stuff happens ya know!


Rhonda said...

Hi 26 miles for me would be nearly impossible but if I felt strongly about participating....I'd donate what I could.....if it from the heart....that's what really matters.


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