Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Waving Wednesday and a continued thought...

Waving AM/PM my peeps for early morning hot coco and start the day laughs..... We pretend I can speak Spanish it is quite a hoot!!!!

Below Johanna wave good gal pal and friend...Hi Jo....

OH YEAH BABY got get a hottie in there and his little friend was in the back ground but damn this it is not me taking the picture it is the cameras fault...... Hi Boys

Look at his face in the one by the ambulance it is like Ok Lady What ever!!!!!!!!! This is what makes life so much fun making people happy and laugh....... So here is the deal I'm going to do oh I'm not going to tell you till it is the day I get it started....Keep coming back cause it will be coming really soon this is good really good.....LOL

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Rhonda said...

What are you up to?????


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