Monday, September 14, 2009


I just got done reading a post by one of the blogs I follow and it really got me panties in a bunch...ladies and tom I know we ......all have our own situations and lives.....that we can not always pick ourselves up out of a bad thing...but I really have to say that if life sucks change it god damn it....I have been through hell and back and you do not know the half of it........but i have gotten myself up and headed for better land where I can see the light at the end of the tunnel ....I live my life through positive thoughts and if something sucks I change it or move on.....Life is to short to sit and complain about how sad our life has turned out..If you are still breathing change it...I do not discount anyone who truly does not know how to change or fear has taken the best of them...but we all have better days ahead and with positive thoughts and good friends we can change and make things better...geeezzzzzzzz what the hell let me jump off this soap box.....I'm you all.......I m sorry i just think chcnge comes fro within and we all have it in us...oh lord here i go again ..,stop me someone stop me........Im going to start packing for Boston......Vacation time here I come......Is Martha in Marthas Vineyard????????


Kaye said...

Loni, you are indeed an inspiration and I admire you. Have a great vacation and certainally enjoy the fall foliage. Seversl cities in New England have a store called The Christmas Tree Shoppe, great place to go, not just Christmas stuff. If you are near Salem Mass its very enjoyable, its where the legendary witches and warlocks called home. The entire seashore is absolutely beautiful and serene. Beautiful place to relax if you are looking for that, just enjoy!

Yarni Gras! said...

so true! everyone needs a reminder now an again so kudos to you!


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