Sunday, August 23, 2009

What a weekend and did not bury the flipper yet

What is with the Hat you hooligan!!!! I love that man!

And look really really hard into the picture below see him balancing on the bench...he thinks it is a large timber gone fallen in the forest of a yard while he is perched ready to shoot the grizzly bear in the yard....a pesty ole raven.......

Hubby hunted raven in the yard while I canned good lord 35 cans of pickles .....tired...but the funniest thing is my dog angel she likes to hide in the yard lately I think she looks for cool shady spots we should all be so smart.....Look at the pictures of her....I booked our flightt to Boston today and hey where is everybody I have not seen any of my followers or people including Tom I have been to your blogs but no you all to buzzzzie to come read me.....Well that is ok I do this for mostly my own entertainment because I think my stuff is very interesting and quite enlightening.....Well Goodnight and God Bless tomorrow is thrilled about Thursday and what am I thrilled about....I am going on vacation in September yefrickenha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Kaye said...

You will love the fall foliage. In Danbury and several other towns is an awesome shop called The Christmas Tree Shoppe. It is not Christmas merchandise all year long,it changes often, but you will LOOOOOVE it. It is one of my favorite shops.


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