Sunday, August 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Dad!

Hank Heather and Dad ... Heather and dad figuring out the problems of the world!

Really buzzzzy weekend went to get my mommy settled back at home after her stay at the hospital...she is doing so much better stronger need for details as long as all is well.....HAPPY 83rd Birthday to my daddy...good job old man.......I am putting a couple of shots of him with my kids so cute...Now I have a gripe I can not believe that Sketchers made a commercial that says " Cancel that member ship to the gym and buy our new slider tennis shoes you will lose the pounds right away....Go tell it to the lamppost...I swear I'm going to go buy a pair this weekend and show you all what a transformation it will be ..Mark my words I will this Saturday and we will put this commercial to the test...It did not say to change your diet or eating habits just cancel that membership to the gym.....Let me go get my panties out of a bunch and go to bed...this just oh .......never mind.....lod BLess and I will talk to you all tomorrow.....Cancel my membership all the nerve!!!!


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