Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Oui what a month............

Ok Im officially back and will promise to blog daily .....hummm....I will try I have been so busy and if I did not mention this before busy with none of my usual Mommy's 80th birthday was this past weekend but before I give you the pictures for that I am going to do a 4th of July one I had the BBQ that you all were invited to...where were you???? It was the 2nd annual (4 years later ) BBQ....It was fabulous so many beautiful friends came and enjoyed the day I gotta say before I describe it I am truly blessed with all the people in my life from quilting to work to program to neighbors to you my long distance ones..Jezz I sound like a preacher....So here we go The BBQ took 4 years to prepare for that is what it seemed like because we had a BBQ 4 years ago but between health and patio issue it was tilted seriously it was the patio was slowly sinking but hubby does NOTHING unless it is cash and this is a blessing but can get a bit nerve racking for a woman who wants what she want now ....yesterday was to late......he seems to have an effect on my that is calming and I forget what it was I was complaining about an hour earlier I think he drugs me like my poor Britney Spears......Glad she is back....LOL....So the scene was set for 1 pm arrival and that is all I can remember ...... people flowing in like a river......And the whole time much to my pleasure all I heard was "Wow this is Yummy and laughter all day.....We BBQ'ed of course and played bochie ball i hope that is the way you spell it..The kiddies had a All American Cupcake decoration station.....Hubby got out his rope and they had roping lessons then the guns came out and everyone willing was practicing there shots...well later that day when we were cleaning up hubby noted that where he had put the cans to target shot was on the upper raised sprinklers and that those who were able to shot the can also shot of the tops of the sprinklers....LOLOLOLOLOL.........then mid day Heather decided she wanted to go ride the Quad up and down the drive way like a 10 years old it was quite adorable the girl can do NO wrong in mommy's eyes. Hanks and pretty girl had her family there and it turns out that her mom is another Lani lost at birth........I have to let my sister know that we now have the complete set as triplets......So the day was a complete success one of the guys that came a friend named Jon brought me the prettiest flowers and that was great because between what I cooked and people brought we could have feed half of Simi....So the day went on with out a hitch I think.....and that evening me Heather Anne , Hank and Pretty girl went up to the top of the hill with our sparklers and watched the fireworks all over Simi and all we kept saying is Wow how can so many people be doing these Illegal fireworks and no cop's.....gotta love this here for the the next update will be about Mommy's 80th and hopefully i will get that in like I said I'm back people and Tom.....God Bless I have missed you.....And just below is the slide show

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Kaye said...

Lani, good to hear from you again, miss you when you are not on. I definately would have come to the July 4th celebration if you lived a tad closer to us. Sounds like a good time was had by all


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