Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Oh how quickly they grow up.....WAAAAAAAAAA

Ok so I have talked about my little girl Heather Anne many a times.....She is just a 23 year old baby who needs her mommy and can not survive with out me...although she live up North far away from me on the Island of Oakland I feel her pain of not having me i go on my Facebook which I have not go a god damn clue how that crap works and I now have friends who I don't even know who the heck they are but they wanted to be my friend and you know me ole hand up volunteer i will be there for ya Lani...idiot the baby is on face book and here is what she wrote now mind you it sounds like frickin German to me remember she is a hairdresser and a really good one....and a teacher for Loreal for color and remember this is a girl who never thought she was smart and to this day never ceases to amaze me with he talent and remember this will sound like the twilight zone to us but it must be really really good a mothers instinct i tell ya...... how do you say these strange things unless you know what the heck it means ok ok ok read

Heather says Quote

" This girl colors her hair a level 4 from a way over processed level 15! and came in with her extensions showing me how white she wanted to be again that day! haha. so i did what i could with out making her hair melt . I used majimesh with 30vol half inch from scalp threw ends for like 15 mins . it lifted to a warm level 8 . i then highlighted all over... Read More with platinum pink and 20 between i did richness half 8 half 8.31 zone 1 threw 3 . and for what she came in as it was great! a beige level 8 with level 10 highlights .

WELL SEE FRICKEN BRILLIANT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thats my baby......And to think she did not even have any hair till she was 2....................LOL


DiahRothman said...

Lani, I luv your last sentences.....

Kaye said...

I understand her----I was a Hairdresser many moons ago!How are you feeling my Friend? all recuperated from your procedure?

Tom H said...

Hee Hee!

andsewon said...

Awwwhhh you are a proud Mama!! Yepper do not understand a word she is awesome!

I do not get face book either which reminds me I need to go look as got an email my kid sent an I LOVE YA Mom to me on there...;-)


Lupi said... are such a proud mama :) They do grow up sooo fast!!
Luv Ya!


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