Friday, March 6, 2009


Oh my gosh I'm so excited the winner winner green go winner is Linda at Simple Quilt for a Simple Mind gotta love that title......Congrats my friend I will get your green pack going tomorrow.....this is so exciting I feel like i won....I must be feeling better cause this is really strange I'm actually getting a bit goofy....SO let think of the giveaway for next month .....I'm thinking Eater pastel colors....eggs...bunny....peeps........oh my gosh I'm so excited again...where the heck is that hubby of mine lets get this excitement to some good use........God Bless and thank you for being a part of my blog life and you are all in my heart........feel the love people and Tom!


Debbe said...

Congrats Linda...drats to me!! Hey Lani, glad your feeling better...and the goofy thing? Aren't you always goofy?? Thats the way we like you!!! See at the Wackies!

Linda said...

I am SO! excited! :D Grinning from ear to ear!!
I can't wait - there is something for everyone in our house in your giveaway! Can't wait to plant the seeds! Can't wait to use the books!
YEAH YEAH YEAH!! And of course Green is one of my favorite colors!
Thank you for hosting a giveaway! :)

Linda said...

LOL Oops... was so excited I forgot to say that I am glad you are feeling better!! :)
Thank you Debbe for the Congrat's and for the reminder! :)

Pat said...

Congrats to Linda!!! Glad you are feeling better, Lani.

andsewon said...

Way ta go Linda!! Great stuff!!

Glad you are feeling better Lani..must just be the 'thought' of boot camp .... kicked ya in high gear!!!!


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