Sunday, March 22, 2009

Where do I start?

I went to Mommy's this past weekend for a bit Oh' fun with the girls....little did I know it would turn out to be more fun than I ever expected.....The usually suspects were there with a new Cronie.....Carol she is the daughter of my mommy's dear friend who pasted this last year. What a hoot this girl was fun fun fun and she even used a few of my favorite swear words just loved sitting by one player had never played tick it is a card Game and my mom decided that she would teach her THE WHOLE GAME for gods sake I watched the other ladies and they were so patient and it was so funny to watch if any of them had rolled there eyes any more they would have gotten stuck up in their had To be there and Nancy TICK TICK TICK get the heck out of here always winning.........And I'm a very bad loser but I do not let that side of me (Sybil)come out when I'm with ladies who don't know and Carol being new I did not want her to get scared or question my mom on how I got a weekend pass from the psch soon give her a few more games nights then the real me can come out....I remember once when i was playing with the regular girls I did not Tick did not tick (tick being when you win you say that) then about half way Thu I said I got a F)#*#&$&%R$* TICK....Oh my gosh ....the looks on these poor ole' sweet could hear a tick drop....LOL.....and honestly I forgot where I was .....really.....Let me go upload the pictures of the outfit I wore and the other ladies also dressed and I added some accessories except Carol The newbie...I'm going to go make a slide show I do love them so.....and the next day we went Crap shopping this being antiquing and I found a old Santa that now seems to be looking more and more like Chucky from the scary movie I will go get a picture of him to ..........Hey I just noticed there are no pictures of Carol I think I told her no green no pictures...hummmm what is that about next time ...Nancy is the one with the Hat can you see how happy she is WINNER WINNER .....ohohoh and she says in the middle of the game "I'm getting a condo in palm Springs any of you ladies interested in going?" who said Yes..............LOL....Hello you have to go home to your hubby and daughter remember them????????? Well I have to run to Zumba class and that is another story I promise I will write more I have so much to tell you....God Bless .....Lani


DiahRothman said...

Lani. Can't wait to read the rest of your stories. You look swell and full of life! Great!

everythingquilts said...

You ladies sure know how to have fun. I've never heard of the game tick.
One more thing, I'm starting to feel like you don't want this wonderful PIF gift i made for you :( you keep deleting my emails so I'll just ask you over here. If you want what I created for you, you'll have to email me where to send it.

Brooke said...

The comment above mine is right...You ladies sure know how to have fun! ;-)
Love Love the green mullet!

MYRA said...

Oh my... went all out with the green!!! At work too even! Wow! Fun stuff! 8-)

Rhonda said...

Lani, I am laughing my head off hear on this one. Looks and sounds like you had a blast!


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