Monday, February 16, 2009

Oh my gosh this is my 100th post.......

It is my 100th post today and I look marvelous......So a few things today first the giveaway I have decided that it will be for St. Patty's day and since that is a green day it will revolve around Green as in Go Green save the planet hippie dippie things we all really should be doing...I have already started to collect stuff to put in the giveaway and this weekend I will post the giveaway and the loot....

Now on to more important things...Snuggies..Alright if some of you watch TV they have an infomercial that sells these things called Snuggies they are a robe and blanket in one..It is a blanket with two arms..looks like a Catholic monks robe minus the rosary around the neck made of large wooden beads.I really thought I raised my son better than this but at 25 and still living at home I question my skills so one night i come out of my cave and on the couch is this big lug in a blue what I thought was a very comfy looking blanket ...and of course out of pure what the heck I ask where did you get that blanket...Oh mommy it is a Snuggie I looked at him like all that college education and this boy is talking like a baby again..whats next...and he stood up and I nearly peed my pants I thougth good lord in heaven what has he done.... SO then of course I see the commercial for this must have item and still Iam in a kind of why why why??? But oh no he did not only get himself a Snuggie but also his girlfriend and here are the photos of them modeling...And they use them really .....I have linked the web site so you can go and see I am not making this up....LOL ...I hope the people who sell them appreciate my sales abilities and get me some commission..So here are the pictures....Oh and I have another story for you and this is to funny ...I need a picture so I will tell you tomorrow or when I snap a picture of the wood pile ask...


Simone de Klerk said...

So now I know what a snuggie is. I love your story that goes to it. Really, Lani, you make me laugh out loud, even if I'm on my own. A very special gift!
Actually, those snuggies do look very comfortabel for evenings on the couch when it is cold.

vickie said...

hehe the snuggies r funny lol too funny i came to your blog today and the song independent women started playing and i had to laugh because at this exact moment im watching the charlies angels movie this song is from funny ... well to me anyways

Rosanne said...

I saw these on Ellen but didn't realize you could actually buy them! lol

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