Thursday, December 4, 2008

Im so tired....................................

Ok Boot Camp is done thank god 6 weeks of sweat and tears but tomorrow morning at 5 am I go to the boot camp weigh in and get my weight and measurements...thank you all for all your great words this bloggispear is such a joy..,I'm very melancholy tonight if that is the way you spell it went to the cardiologist yesterday because my meds have been making me goofier that usual and in January I will go have a operation to make my heart all better....What a year but ladies we just pick up ourselves and move on to the next day. God life is so wonderful and we are so lucky to have this way to communicate with I love it and am so gosh darn grateful I can now check it more often now that I am not a slave to the camp guards...all in all it was a great time had by all....I am looking forward to next year this one has been a tough one but man has it made me stronger and have more zeal and zest for life and living a spiritual life....many of you do not know but I'm quite the spiritual give me peace.....lalalalala ...ok Im going to go and watch Grays so love u all till tomorrow and the best part is that by the time I get weighed most of you are up and just waiting at the computer for the U God Bless

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Jackie said...

I saw your comment on the B & W Quilt Challenge blog. I started this challenge in November. The rules are simple and are in the very 1st post... here is the link... if you are interested, please e-mail me you will see my contact information at the top of the right sidebar on the blog. It runs for a whole year.


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