Friday, November 7, 2008

TWO WEEKS BOOT CAMP and Im still alive

Good Lord people last night i think i thought as if I can even think when I'm doing this camp why has it only gotten a little easier i still have to break into a fast walk in the mile run....waaaaaaa ...I think i just want my body to be like ti was when I was any younger than i am now....but on the good side i did step on the scale a BIG NONO during camp and I have lost a few pounds ....So this class is all women except for one guy oh there was one other man but he dropped out what a big baby.............. seriously i should not talk i actually whimper while doing sets.... and i actually squeak know when you have to get that extra drive to do something like the little I think i can train it is not as easy as when i was 12....gotta laugh so here is my next idea today i bought a poster board and i am going to plaster it with positive thoughts and wanna look like pictures but i will stay with in the realm of reality for myself ...i will only put up pictures of bodies i know i can look like so i thought all the girl dancers from dancing with the stars...not setting to high a challenge....oh yeah baby...look i am feeling quite good tonight and it is Friday like when i use to go out on the town and enjoy a disco night.....well gotta go to BOOT CAMP...god bless you all and enjoy this great weather minus the winds

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