Friday, November 21, 2008

This is only one collection.......

Ok here are the cook books...yes one of my many collections is old cookbooks this may not look like many but it is my pantry and it is. Now here is my challenge when the heck am i going to start to using them....Alright i am willing to admit when i have a problem and you all are the first to know this especially my close friends hello Linda..... I remember when I went on Deal or no Deal they asked me if I collected anything and when i found it hard to decide which was at that very moment i knew i had a problem now there is no 12 step program for this and i know this...i realize i have to live with this disease and i am willing to continue to find new crap to collect but only when i feel that it is needed......I'm going to start to post some of my other collections for you to is a problem people.....god i love problems...god bless and have a good weekend...Two more week of boot camp and you will all be able to see my senior super model body......i know i know the excitement is in the air......

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Sherry said...

Ha-ha! You did it! You posted your cookbook collection. ;o)

I don't have near that many and here 'while back, I went through them and typed the one or two recipes from each that I actually use and made my own cookbook. Some day I will gift them to my son...some day.

Then, I get to START ALL OVER!!!


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