Sunday, November 16, 2008


What the heck here is my football story..... mind you the only thing I ever knew from football was in high school I was in the Notre Dame call it cheer squad so cheer cheer and all that stuff. I got kicked off when myself and my dear still to this day friend got caught breaking into a class room just for the heck of it Damage you remember when we use to do stuff just not to get caught never to cause damage....So when I married the dear heart who tolerates me to this day he is a really BIG Football head loves it looks forward to Sunday and the three times he can sit and watch ever the worse of games...God bless him so cute must be love ...okokok So when we got married I said Self why don't you try just try to understand the game and you will be so admired by this man of yours...... So many Super Bowl parties later and the food was always just so delicious how do you learn football when all you could do to get a recipe was the thing on your mind..sosososo....It has been 10 years of marital bliss and the best i can do is Yell Run you B!*@&@#^^@#@ and then jump up in the air when anyone makes a touch down........ and continue to scream yes yes yes I think the neighbors think we are fooling around during the day....But come on who does that...???? ;-) Well today is a very buzzie day Im going to go and see if I can find a cheap digital camera so I can try to start to put some photos on this site like everyone elses and God knows how I love modern technology...that is another story well god bless you all and thank you for shearing my days with me I feel the love .....Let me go look for a picture on the desktop for you all......

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