Sunday, November 23, 2008

Check this out!!!!!!

So look at these finds ladies...her is the story I'm out a Mommy's for the weekend and there is a craft fair the ones where you find 4 thousand 6 hundred and twenty two different crochet kleenex holders when low and behold there are these two quilt tops now mind you I know nothing about quilting but to sew a straight line ...So in my mind I'm saying no crap this is great less work for me finish it an voila a quilt for the home.....So I buy them for a mear 5 dollars each....and when I get a biut more information I find out that this lady who is 500 years old had boguht them many many many years ago at an estate sale....Still in my feeble mind what ever so i get home take them to my quilting teacher who has been my mentor for 7 years and damn this woman will have to die to shake me she is my hero but then that's another story. ...sossosososos she look at them and look at them and says well well well with the ole tap the chip geesture it looks like these may be quite old Lani Dear and they are hand done shy i think you may have some tops that are made of some feed sack material and I think feed sack what a rip off.....she quickly calmed my dumb but down and explained the history SCORE the best thing is they are beautiful and I am goihg to finish them with such car and respect i will cherish this find and remember that you never know what you may get especially when you don't know anywho.....God Bless


everythingquilts said...

OH, Lani what a fabulous find. Those are amazing and $5 was a steal,WTG!!!! As for the swaps, I joined the HGTV quilting and needlework message board about 6 months ago and have not looked back. These are the sweetest, most caring and helpful ladies you'll ever meet. We would love to have you join. They can answer any sewing quilting, or needlework question you have. But most of all we have a lot of fun showing and talking about our projects. You are welcome anytime, just come on over. Here's the link
You'll have to join to see the pics and be able to post. It's simple and free. We're having a huge quilting retreat in April where all of us from all over the country are getting together. That's what my countdown clock is. There is a story behind the guy on it. I'm not that frisky.LOL. Anyway, we do all different kinds of swaps, Just pick the ones that interest you and hop it. There is so many going on all the time, it's hard to decide sometimes. If you decide you'd like to talk sewing and quilting with us let me know I'll introduce you all my online quilty friends. I think a few of them have posted comments on your blog, like Holee, to name one. So come on over and say Hi.

Holee said...

Speaking of Holee..and here I am! Boy, oh got such a bargin! They are fabulous! I'm working away on a grandma's flower garden but it's taking forever.

I am a 2002 surviver of BC so I've been there and done that..does put a big smile on your face!

Of course then I got RA and liver disease, but hey, no one said life was easy and I'm not letting it be my life.

Hop on over to HGTV and show them your wonderful quilts. Bad thing is they are pretty tight on subjects and trigger words, not like a blog where you can just say anything. I joined in 2002 when I needed to be around other women who were whole and not talking about "will we make it". They are a good bunch of ladies.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and I'll add you to mine and stop in from time to time.

Congrats on your recovery!


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