Wednesday, October 8, 2008

What a great day BOOT CAMP

ok ok ok so now I have decided to join a boot camp...yes I think it is the only way to get my fat butt motivated. Now I am going to blog everything i do so you can follow my progress...So far I know it starts October 27th it is 6 weeks of Hell and I will tighten up and loose some of this weight that seem to bother no one but me....... I got my Avon Walk web page set up today so you can go donate to me for San Francisco. In case you are a new Lani person. I was diagnoised with breast cancer last year and got rifled into doing the 2 day 39. painful miles of walking. but low and behold I did it and now Im going up to San francisco to join my daughter next year and do it again..... We have a team called The Peek a Boobie. clever yes.......

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