Monday, September 15, 2008

This is the last year if you missed it lets continue

This entry is backwards start at the bottom if you have just begun my adventure and then lets get going towards next year.............Frisco 2009 oh yeah

I did it walked the 39 and proud blistery of it. Signed up for next year but decided that San Francisco sounds like a good place to go.... Each year I will take my donors to a different location that way we can keep some spice in our adventure yes???? thank you all if you can hear me I love and know god has blessed you all.

by Lani Laskowski on Mon, Sep 15, 2008 @ 11:52 AM

I'm getting excited
It is Wednesday quilting night and the ladies donated to me tonight friend and teacher Rita gave me 50 buck a rose and Diane another quilter gave me three tomatoes and 100 dollars what a great surprise they are so good to me. You would think the money was going into my pocket I'm so thrilled but it is such a great cause. Well I am baking a quiche for work tomorrow we are doing breakfast at Courtyard just something fun to do in the morning pancakes waffles hash browns sausage quiche yummmmmmmmmm Well goodnight and god bless ....

by Lani Laskowski on Wed, Sep 10, 2008 @ 10:59 PM

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4 days and I just remembered I have a mother in law
Well guys 4 days till the walk.....I have been so busy walking and staying involved with the walk that I have forgotten about my loved ones. My mommy in law Louie Louie has been on my mind and today I finally talked to her ...keep in mind we are extremely close seriously we are....really no joke yes it is my husbands mom....she has a great sense of humor and happens to be able to tolerate me she calls me her Lani gotta love it ...and she is fun to be with to boot. SO tonight I need to go to bed early and it is already 10:18 I'm getting hyped people. Still trying to figure how to get a blog site to keep this going send me your thoughts you all know my email...lanilaskowski@sbcglobal. thanks and god bless oh my gosh the article came out today it was very very nice. But I would have liked more pictures of my girls

by Lani Laskowski on Wed, Sep 10, 2008 @ 12:20 AM

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5 day count down to the walk
Well I walked two days in a row and it was ok guys not as bad as I thought it might get. I did have all the training buddies with me so that always takes away the thinking about it thing. The newspaper was there Saturday morn early even Jake the reporter came most of the time we only talk on the phone so it was so nice to give her a big hug. And the photo man was cute and a hoot . Well I made a decision to sign up next year for the walk I will do it while I'm down there other wise I may lose track and not have the desire....ya know how it is. Alright lets make these last few days together as good as possible. I am going to find a blog place so we can keep connected Thu the year. till next year for those who still read this, Real Cancer Troopers ya walk with me guys in my heart....Gotta go and I'm at work God Bless....

by Lani Laskowski on Mon, Sep 08, 2008 @ 10:19 AM

Well tomorrow is one of my last training walks
I'm sad that tomorrow will be one of my last training walks I will miss my girls. The Star is meeting up with me to take pictures with the girls and walking. I'm going Thu so many emotions did you all watch stand up to cancer what a show...tear! really people talk about cancer and survivors and stories and I get teary eyed. Well need to get a good nights sleep i will be up at dark o'clock////God Bless

by Lani Laskowski on Fri, Sep 05, 2008 @ 11:19 PM

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One week and a few days and I'm off
Well we know I'm a bit off without the walk but you guys a week from Saturday is the BIG day. I'm so nervous and excited ...and don't you know one of the doctors I work for had the nerve to say Hey Lani...... there is another breast cancer challenge coming up (you know how the cartoons do the wabble double take head that was my head) yeah it goes up Mt. Shasta well being a fool I looked it up and yeah they do have that..... But the training and all the fundraising is just to much I'm done for 2008 ya all. they want you to cardiac train 5 days a week for at least one to two hours a day a day did you hear me a day....Good lord the 15 miles I walk know is getting so boring that I have taken to running slow but a run. IF anyone knows me I run like a 53 year old woman wearing a diaper with a bad rash.I really look forward to the people more that anything ... Jake from the newspaper called me and I need to get back to her today well I'm at work so I need to go but have a good day and think happy thoughts it is Wednesday and a short week God Bless

by Lani Laskowski on Wed, Sep 03, 2008 @ 10:32 AM

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Last day of the month
Gosh I can not believe that it is only about two weeks and a few hours to the walk.....I'm so nervous weird. Tomorrow 4am I will go on one of my last long walks wow did time fly or what. I'm going to bed but promise to catch you all up on my latest adventures tomorrow and we need to find a new place to hang out and blog on and so my peeps can respond. how fun would that be to make this conversation two or more people ways. Does that make sense??? well goodnight and god bless I'm tired

by Lani Laskowski on Fri, Aug 29, 2008 @ 9:58 PM

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What a great weekend
First there was a wedding across the street from us ....I watched out the front window like a spy or in jail....Don't get me wrong they invited us to come over and enjoy the fun and drinks but naaaa so I watched and I gotta tell you I am such a baby. I had a tar watching the bride walk up the drive way so cute. Is it hot or what. Went to my yoga class Saturday and then went to walk it was nice and foggy and so refreshing. I have been getting out for a walk each day no matter how far or not. The team is doing great thanks to the doctors they got the girls up to there goals which takes a lot of pressure off them now the big question is with really no training at all will they make it????? They think so I hope so.. Well tonight I'm going to bed early you guys been watching the Olympics?//Gotta love the sports and the people and families .....Out of here again...Well God Bless ..oh yeah I have been getting so emotional lately I will talk about it tomorrow silly but geezzzz.....

by Lani Laskowski on Sun, Aug 17, 2008 @ 8:04 PM

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What is this just Monday alerts
Gee wizz I do apologize for not writing as much as I should things just seem so busy i am doing something every nightand what is with that people????? last night we had a fund raiser out in Camarillo at the Taco Shack and it was quite buzzie. We don't know what we made yet but it looks good ..Two of our team mates still need to get there money and I really don't want to have them have to give it out of pocket. I will take any more donations I get and throw it to them it all goes to the same place anywho...Look I'm tired but needed to check in and I will write again tomorrow I'm going to start waling every night ...My team is meeting me at the mall to go for a walk how ever long we go I'm trying to let them know they just need to walk as long as they can not to push to hard. Well good night God Bless and all that stuff.....

by Lani Laskowski on Wed, Aug 13, 2008 @ 10:25 PM

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Monday new week
Well another week and it is so very close to the walk I'm getting a bit unsure of myself this is not my usual MO .....Strange but even stranger is the way my fricken feet will feel if I do not get my butt to the gym and walk walk walk...ya know my scar tissue in the boobie is really getting strange hard like a xtra large twinkle and it feels like it is growing and I know this all sounds pretty strange but think of how my boobie feels...... I am now wearing a sports bra to bed cause if I move certain ways it is a weird feeling...spooky and it is not even Halloween any who this to shall pass, Tomorrow Im going to a physical therapy doctor for the ole back and I have a few questions for her I will probably throw in the ole hey there a twikie in my boobie what to do what to do ?????? ok well good night and god bless pray I go to the gym

by Lani Laskowski on Mon, Aug 04, 2008 @ 10:05 PM

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It is Saturday and I'm at Mommy's
Hello not to worry I'm at my mommies and I will be back tomorrow and will good to relax I love it here....god bless

by Lani Laskowski on Sat, Aug 02, 2008 @ 11:24 PM

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I have not been home this week
Where have I been I have not seen my husband in three days. Seems that I have had something to do every night odd yet okie dokie. But to laugh is good so I am walking around in a tad bit of upper thigh pain. I think that it was not only the to tight shoes (lindas fault) but the tad bit a running I did. So I called Linda to verify that the running was the cause and she did agree and went into her usual dictionary wordy talky definition of most of my upper muscles and working of the upper leg of which I did not understand a thing but gee wiz is she a brainy ace head so much knowledge it is amazing (jealous)......... so we agreed it was the ramius simuli corpus cornielus viber action in the upper radiusual ing......later that day I go into my doctor where I works office and complain cause that is what I do best and he said yeah must have been riding your husband horse .......OH MY GOSH DUHHHHHHHHHHHH i rushed to the phone to call my partner Einstein (linda) and duh yeah any who I thought it was funny...have a good day and god bless

by Lani Laskowski on Wed, Jul 30, 2008 @ 10:42 AM

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Great weekend
Well started out Friday with a new hair do color. Heather deserted me to go live up in Oakland so I nab ed one of her girlfriends to color it. Got some pretty cool highlights....feeling good. Now Saturday I went on the usual 5am training walk and by half way thru my right foot was hurting., is Linda's fault she is injured from running and could not escort me and I tied my shoe to tight...I know this because I went directly to her home right after the walk and had her check my feet. Now the big question is what the heck am i going to do the weekend of the walk without her there......??????? SO I got a really sweet letter from a neighbor regarding my horse and she mentioned that she stared to ride her husbands horse and is really happy with that...Well Sunday what did I do yeah I copi cat..ted I rode my husbands horse and I think this may just work. Thank you Sue ....Gary wants a new horse and Tiny is so sweet ...Now grant it this is just a maybe but I'm feeling the love from this horse...i will keep you all posted. Well I'm tie tie...Good night and God Bless

by Lani Laskowski on Sun, Jul 27, 2008 @ 11:12 PM

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Not long now folks
Well we are only about one month from the big walk. the emails are getting more serious on the training and I will have to increase the mileage of the Saturday walk and get my booty out another day. Did I tell you I went and saw mamma mia it was so good I'm going again next week and every week till it comes out on video. I am the ABBA fan of fans I have there albums yes the plastic ones.... Well I'm at work and no time to play so I will write again later have a good day. God Bless

by Lani Laskowski on Thu, Jul 24, 2008 @ 2:31 PM

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A sad day
What a year of emotional challenges yesterday I had to put my horse to sleep....It was heart wrenching to say the least but he had such a good horse life and was old. I don't have much to say cause I'm sad but I will snap out of it today promise I will ask a stranger to slap me . It is a buzzzie day at work so I will catch you all tonight or tomorrow. God Bless

by Lani Laskowski on Wed, Jul 23, 2008 @ 10:38 AM

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What a day when it rains it pourzzzz
Well the day starts off with a water fall coming down from the barn.....not a good sign first thing in the morning. So me in my jammies showered of course and my hubby underwear and half a face of shaving cream run out I look back at him and say not much you can do looking so sexy so go change and I will go up and see what is up.....My horse his water pipe broke and ran all night...what a mess people so I started a clean up fed the horses picked up the poop and left the rest to the plumber Gary the hubby ..... ok so we (HE) gets that fixed and so the day goes on I go get my nails done after work and decide before I go to the gym I should go home and see if I can help with any of the clean up....please say no please say no...Pull up and Gary says your horse is col licking great that means he did not poop for the day or longer...i thought that the sweaty butt this morning was a bit suspicious not my hubbys the horse .....So the vet came doped up my horse stuck a hose up his nose filled him full of oil and now we will hope for the best. I'm so tired but i feel better I shared.......So tomorrow is another think there are any college classes for spelling? I'm the worse...alright well thanks for listening and God Bless

by Lani Laskowski on Mon, Jul 21, 2008 @ 11:38 PM

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Great weekend
Went to Long Beach again and had a ball. I was suppose to lead the walk and kinda did for a while with another lady who was a bit faster than myself lost sight of her after about a half hour but I kept a good pace but not to fast for anyone to loose site of us. The directions we a bit dicey but good enough not to get lost. And all of us did really well finished the 12 miles with only Susan having a bloody toe we still have to find out why I say long toe nail .... The walk is coming closer and I need to help my team get to there goals for the 1800 will do it. And I need to beef up the Saturday walk to more that 10 miles ....Well have a fab week and God Bless

by Lani Laskowski on Sun, Jul 20, 2008 @ 8:45 PM

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ok ok ok so...........
Tomorrow is the training walk down in long beach and don't you know these people asked if I would be a leader......Well of course I said yes because it is better to be a part of a solution than part of the problem. But I don't know where I'm going the directions are left here right there but I know there will be other leaders and what if I don't walk fast enough I will have to get into my Linda zone......focus Lani focus and I have my team to help to....good lord this should be a good blog tomorrow...but as we all know i will worry to sleep and then tomorrow it will be a great day with no issues but my sweat an ache feet ok walk keep me in your thoughts and prayers I will need them and if you dont pray do it tonight for me.....God Bless and sleep tight I must remember to tell you about this class i take at the gym......Yoga and Pilate's to funny slowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww core strength......If you could only come with me I have three 7 day passes call me if ya want to go...805-231-1191 FUN...God Bless

by Lani Laskowski on Fri, Jul 18, 2008 @ 9:40 PM

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It is so close
The walk is so very close I just thought about what the heck am I going to do when this website no longer exists....AH HA I will go to Bobby that is Linda my pretend trainer well she is not really pretend I just don't pay her to help me but she does just like a trainer...anyhow her hubby bobby can maybe show me how to get my very own website and I can do this year around like the big shot bloggers....ho my the possibilities (I know I can not spell) the possibilities are endless......I have to get my butt in gear I have more fundraising to do Im at a stand still I will be disappointed if I don't get to 10,000 but I will make up for it by doing the walk all the way througb and I will have leared where I can do better next year....yup next year. Ok I'm tired my son hank made me run tonight waaa waaaaa....Well nice to be writing again.Would it not be sweet if the people who read this could my head is spinning with the ideas....God Bless

by Lani Laskowski on Thu, Jul 17, 2008 @ 10:31 PM

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24 lift...ugggggggggg
Well lets start with Saturday what a good training walk we had two ladies from the valley.One from Burbank and one from Sherman oaks they liked our little town. And of course I had my Linda that sounds funny it my Linda na na na na na ....... I seem to be getting better with the walks but I need to shed some baby fat...Went to the oncologist to day all is well. Hey and one of the ladies Mandy who came to the training walk is just two weeks after her second surgery for breast cancer. She had the same as me and that was three years ago and it came back..she has done the walk for this is her 4th year. Sweet huh...... I need to do some homework for the walk I have to get my butt in gear to get more donations I have less that 9ish weeks and not even 4 g'z lord...Well tomorrow I will delight you with more Lani wisdom and wonder cause I know you have missed u all and god bless.

by Lani Laskowski on Mon, Jul 14, 2008 @ 10:43 PM

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I have been a bad blogger and that will stop today
I here by swear to blog every night from here on out...bad me ok off to the gym and I promise to write when I get back...We are so close to the bog walk day

by Lani Laskowski on Mon, Jul 14, 2008 @ 8:11 PM

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Oakland what a world
Good Lord if ya wanna find some total different people here is the place to go. I am having so much fun this is the place for me at 22 ...And it is amazing up here believe me there are no fat people everyone walks and everyone says Hi ...The food is fabulous and different i had Indian food fried okra that was SPICY yum yum and this bread was great ...Today is t he big city day we are off to the Bart it is the transportation that goes under water so not to have a panic attack will be a miracle I'm a bit clausty. I brought a bike up to heather and she is thrilled she bought a little basket and new seat and loves it is her new Oakland car. Ok gotta go get ready for the death train to the city....pray for me...God Bless

by Lani Laskowski on Thu, Jul 03, 2008 @ 12:10 PM

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Off and running
Well I am on my way up north to spend the week with Heather that will be a hoot ya know...... I have not checked in but when I get there tonight I will pop on to her computer and update you on all my fab happenings which is nothing more then day to day. I walked a bit further last Saturday about 11 miles and hope to increase this weekend up north she has a lake I can walk around. Well I'm off and I have a bonus friend riding with me Heather's friend Kara's mommy is coming with to go see her baby to...Life is Good and God Bless. Please keep my mommy in your prayers her best friend passed this week and she is has a sad heart. It should reminds us all to call Friend today and tell them how loved they are.....god Blessa

by Lani Laskowski on Tue, Jul 01, 2008 @ 11:39 AM

Wow one week and not a word
Gee wizz how can i expect you to check in on my progress if I shan't write ....I have been so buzziy but no excuse so here it is ...Wednesday I quilted and got home late Thursday I packed and baked for the retreat I went to Friday Friday I left for my retreat I was gone Friday Saturday and Sunday back yesterday and then yesterday went to work home to the gym and home to sleep got up back to work home to a meeting and dinner till 10 pm and here I sit tired and true to you my fellows......SO not much new with me I need to seriously get on my donation wagon I have not even hit 4,000 and I have 6000 to get and less than two months to do it....Good lord. I'm going to bed because I'm still trying to catch up with myself. But I am walking and going to the gym if it is any progress is slow but I think getting a bit better. I have to really test myself this Saturday and push for I hope 13 or more miles .....LINDAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA God Bless

by Lani Laskowski on Wed, Jun 25, 2008 @ 12:01 AM

Really moving fast this time thing
Gee Wizz it is June the middle of June no less. My niece graduated from High School. Congrats to Nikki so proud and she is a 4.something high does my heart well. I made a decision that I am not going to let negative people come in to my life anymore. I do not know if it is me getting old or my tolerance for that is gone. Negative people are just icky and do not deserve my time it is to short. And you get more good energy from positive people. The walk went well Saturday the long one found a new route and it is good. I spotted an apricot tree on the path I told Linda who needs to go back with me so I can pick the ape's off. It is over someones fence so it is ok right? Work is really buzzie this week so I'm writing this early ....oh shoot HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOBBY....he is my man!!!!!!! Bob is Linda's hubby and my pal. Well have a good week I will t ry to write more later...I went to the new gym last night and did two count them two classes.....24 lift and Pilate's .....the lift one was bar bells all hour and when I was done I could no longer feel my right arm...when I did the Pilate's class the right arm was rubber and when I tried to do the pie oh u upper plank lift drop over my arm collapsed I fell to the ground a whole 1 foot and laughed so hard now how do you explain that to the rest of the class let alone the sweet little size 5 teacher you don't you spend the rest of the class pretending you have mental issues and your ride the special bus will be waiting for you out front after class walk have a great day and God Bless.......

by Lani Laskowski on Tue, Jun 17, 2008 @ 8:58 AM

Quick comment on my log
I have a log under my desk.......Linda my neighbor training walking laughing CPK just plan there for ya pal got me a log for my birthday what a gem.....No really it is for your feet you roll it back and forth on the balls of you feet changing the angle la la lee...Any who I have it under my desk. This morning I was rolling my feet and I almost fell asleep ...... I get here early like 7:15 no one else is here it is really quite and nice the best part of my day to get things done.......feels so good but if you rub to long and to hard your feet go numbish as you can tell I have spent alott of time with my log....Well Log Bless you....ahhhh funny girl

by Lani Laskowski on Thu, Jun 12, 2008 @ 10:21 AM

Exercise coma
Yes I have been taking full advantage of the gym. Did not get to Judy's this weekend she got a nasty eye infection and lots going on her baby is graduating from high school ....Boy do I remember those days and it is not funny the one memory we all have is how hot it was in the bleachers.......and the best advise we have to pass on is take a cushion and umbrella and plenty of water... So the gym is my new haven the Pilate's an yoga killllllerrrrrr how do you exercise and have pain when you cough.....And I have to amp up my walks to at least three to four a week so busy that I will have to plan it out very carefully. Oh so I decided to replant the flower pots in the back yard the puppy is now turning two and really is pass the chewing days. So my patio looks great till Monday when I g get home from work and there it is dirt all over the patio AHHHHHHHHHH so I get the biggest pot and drill a hole in it and call the little angel over and tie the pot to her collar ..... It is plastic and not heavy to just inconvenient for the dear little devil with paws...She sat and dragged for a few hours and when I could see she was sorry off it came low and behold no more chewing it is day three since the chewathon and so far so good. Well it is the eve of hot days this will make a hugh difference in walking I need to adjust to the weather. Hey pass the word on to friends regarding the walk I'm at a low on the donations I have a goal to reach and with everyone help we can get there. Have a great day and God Bless

by Lani Laskowski on Thu, Jun 12, 2008 @ 10:17 AM

Joined a new Gym and OUCH
any who Ballys closed there doors so 24 hour let me have the same week deal of 19 a month sooooo I went last night to a Pilate's class and then this morning to a yoga class ouch when you do these class's the Pilate's and yoga you do it and the whole time your this is really great a few hard stretches and in my sick mind I'm great no problem till tonight when I can not move my abdomen and my ankles even hurt I guess when the in just to good a shape instructor said this is for your core I should have known....There so sneaky I think i will like this gym there are so many people what a great variety. Well i bought some flowers for the garden but the funny thing is that I could bot locate any alysum's ??those little white or purple flowers for pots. Not a one in Simi I need to google right now to see what happened Ill be right back. Nothing zip geezz alright I'm going to relax with the hubby he needs to get up a 4:30 to golf ...don't ask.....God Bless and have a great Sunday I will write if my hands are not sore....She even worked our fingers....strange but it is all good

by Lani Laskowski on Sat, Jun 07, 2008 @ 7:50 PM

Another glorious week
Seriously I love my job. The Doctors and the girls just tickle me pink. They are such a joy to see each day. I don't think they will ever know what it means to me to have a place to go to each day and be so involved not only in my work but there daily lives. Each day there is something new to listen to and we truly do laugh so much. And trust me it is not always smiles and laughs there are days where I would actually like to strangle each and ever one of them and that is to include the doctors. But they feel the same Im sure. All in all each day I find that I have no complaints. OH oh oh so today I decide to call around to gyms because they stopped the classes and as of today while calling around I found out that Ballys is not even open anymore great. But I went to the 24 hour fitness and they gave me a great 19.00 a month deal SWEET to go .......and of course I am sitting there signing up and what is on the treadmill a girl with a perfect mind you figure and she looks like she is probably a nice person to gezzzzzzz .....I want to work out next to her. Do you remember when you were young and it was always cool to have a cute friend because it always got you more attention. Well I'm still like that at 53 oh hey I had a birthday this week Happy Birthday to me. I'm going up to Judy's this weekend she also had a birthday were twins....Right she is a blond bomb shell and I'm a brunette bomb dork........ Well i need to get some sleep so I have enough energy to bug my hubby on the trip to Paso. God Bless you all and thank you all daily for you thoughts. Tell a friends to donate and read the blog...... I think I may made this into a book.....I see #1 seller

by Lani Laskowski on Thu, Jun 05, 2008 @ 11:02 PM

Recap the weeks events
Well Monday was holiday and that was boring I had cleaned my house up on Friday and Saturday thinking that yippee I will have two days to do all kind a stuff and I had nothing left to do and no good movies playing. waaaa so back to work Tuesday then Wednesday and Thursday I had the Deal or no deal game thing that was a hoot. Friday back to work and work so hard to catch up for the lost days. Then we come to Saturday and the morning training walk we have a new lady walking Kelly welcome and the usual crew so before we start I ask if anyone would mind if we pick up the pace a bit no prob says all. So we start out and as you all know I have Linda the trainer/pal/neighbor/SLAVE DRIVER my first question to her was should I be breathing this hard you know the thing is with her answers they are so logical I think there lies. If it were not for the stop signals I would probably not even rest. But the good thing is there is a Starbucks stop half way Thu and that is where I have enough time to warn the others of the evils of the trainer Linda. In all honesty I love that she is there for me and helps me I would never keep the pace I do without her and if not for her the circulation in my feet would never have been the same. Long story......but I have to laugh I feel like Foresst Gump with the ladies following me and it is so great that we all meet and have a nice group it makes it so much nicer to walk with buddies. So Last night I went to the 35th reunion of the High School Gals. I went to all girls catholic high and when we get together it is a hoot ... We laughed ate and drank a good night away. It was really touching when one of our friends got up to talk about a woman who passed last year of colon cancer so young and so very loved by all her friends. there is a special bonds you get from the women you meet in your life and hope all of you hang on to your friends. If you have a friends that you have been meaning to call just stop reading right now and pick up the phone if just to say hi how R U ....Never under estimated the power of a friend calling. Keep your women close...God Bless and have a great week

by Lani Laskowski on Sun, Jun 01, 2008 @ 10:56 PM

Ouch Ouch Ouch training again and good
Geezzz well all I have returned to my focus of walking . Saturday I did little over 8 miles and today Memorial day (Thank you to all our service men) today I walked an additional 5 miles. I finally went to west lake with my trainer I like to pretend that Linda my neighbor and bestest pal is my personal trainer. She runs a few times a week does a boot camp and works out and still manages to keep me in her schedule and that is a friend. Although I never did think maybe she enjoys to see young women like myself suffer........So I have gotten back into the groove. What a long gosh darn weekend I cleaned my house on Saturday so I would have the rest of the weekend to do stuff...Did nothing today I will go see Indianan Jones. Well Gary just got home from golfs with my brother Pace so BBQ and then I will trick Gary into the movie. Dont get me wrong he loves the movies but ever since I took him to his first animated feature he is a bit Leary going with me.....Well Happy Memorial and don't forget to thank anyone you know who has given there time or family member for this country we need to be very grateful we live in such a great place. God Bless America.

by Lani Laskowski on Mon, May 26, 2008 @ 1:53 PM

Thursday already
Is it me still that time is just kicking by to fast..... Work is a bit slow yet each day is zoomin by. Yesterday Heather sent me a headline from her local Oakland paper it says ready Masterbata-thon yes it says just what I wrote in your life can you believe it and it is this weekend. That San Francisco is a world all its own she went to a parade and there were two men my days age standing nude in the street ...The picture shows them and everyone is standing around them just a talking and caring on like they were fully dressed EVEN THEIR POLICE. Well I'm getting pretty nervous about this whole game show thing all I can keep thinking about is how much fun I will have. I have a Deal or No Deal scratch pad. It has my grocery list notes to self and games I have drawn in Im taking it. It has a nice collage on the outside and is tattered and ripped. Also I think the blue monkey should go. Who is the Blue Monkey well lets save that for tomorrow. God Bless

by Lani Laskowski on Thu, May 22, 2008 @ 10:27 AM

Been down in Mommy Ville
Hello all went to Mommy's this weekend and took the Judy sister with me. What a hoot we had more fun I teased her all weekend about the Deal or No Deal show and she gave me cinnamon eyeballs all day long....So they called and I am going to go down and film Deal or No Deal this month....Yeleleha..... I am so excited and the fact that I may win money and can put it toward the goal oh yeah oh yeah!!!!!!!Now this is the newwDeal or No Deal they have 22 suitcases and contestants hold the cases they spin a wheel if your number case comes up you play for up to 250.000 Fun fun fun . So Saturday afternoon they did another interview over the phone boy these people are really very organized love it. I was not able to walk with my Saturday AM girls it threw me off I sat in my arrow bed at mommy's at 5:30 so upset I was not there to walk the 8 miles....not.....In all seriousnessssss I need to get my but out and walk more and I will ..I'm going to go wash my car now save 20 dollars ....Will hey hey my goal is now up to 3,000 yehahaha only 7,000 to go and I know I will get there by September ....Tell your friends and family to donate it is so easy on line. Have a great day and God Bless you for following my journey......

by Lani Laskowski on Sun, May 18, 2008 @ 5:05 PM

Consumed with Heather Anne
I know I have not written but I have been spending ever waking moment with my daughter.....We have had a great time movie ...radical haircut I will take a new picture and post it today it is short people but let me explain. When I do the tunnel the bangs they come from the back of my head like an ole man at the race track you could call it a femm-swoup yes I cut my bangs myself when she is gone and I cut further and further back and because I'm in a coma when I do it I cut and style my hair it goes further and further back...My daughter is a hairdresser and when she saw what I had done (Knowing my history with sizzors) she nearly had a heart attack. So we have the became kinda haircut not to radical but for me short. But i gotta say I love it. Also the Deal or No Deal people called and I will be going on there new show they have a new syndicated version of the show coming out for weekdays more details about that as it comes I still so excited now maybe I can get a Howie Mandel Bobble Head did I tell you the Bobble Head story I will save that for tomorrow if I did not. Well have a good day and God Bless

by Lani Laskowski on Wed, May 14, 2008 @ 8:32 AM

Im on the couch waiting to get into my outfit for Bunco and who walks into the house ???? My baby Heather all the way from Oakland she drove down for Mothers Day I tell you my life is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Blessed...... So I took her with to bunco and I think she is hooked..... What a delight I'm so happy going to bed have to wake up early to drop the boy off at his uncles so he and his cousin can go to Israel...Well Shalom you all and God Bless you Oui Vey....

by Lani Laskowski on Sun, May 11, 2008 @ 1:05 AM

Saturday what a crew we have on the AM walk
Fun fun fun well as you know or don't we do a training walk on Saturdays at 6 today more gals showed up and a bonus child..... they have there own team and are a very nice group remember people you never know what you get when you meet women but I am finding that anyone involved with this walk is so nice. I'm enjoying the new friends and only hope I can stay connected with them when the race walk is concluded. But I guess that is up to me.....Tonight is bunco yes us rowdy gals are up to gambling again were so bad...but gotta say again we have so much fun...I don't think I realized how much fun I have so buzzzie being buzzie I forget to stop and see how fun my life truly is.....Well gotta shower and get ready thank you for your support training walker gals....God Bless

by Lani Laskowski on Sat, May 10, 2008 @ 6:51 PM

they called they called oh gosh almighty they called
Well today Tony from Deal or No Deal casting called today when I was at work writing the blog and left me a message to call. God Lord people how am I to go all weekend and wait......this is just driving me mad.......ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....Im so excited........God Blessed me today ok ok calm down lets see what happens next....I'm calm really I am ........

by Lani Laskowski on Fri, May 09, 2008 @ 9:01 PM

Friday oh yeah and Happy Mothers Day to all the moms
It is a Friday I look forward to. My son leaves for Israel this Sunday that is my mothers day gift 10 days alone with my hubby. Don't get me wrong he is a good boy 24 not 4 but sometimes it is nice just to have quiet. Tomorrow I go walk with two new additions to the walk crew looking forward to meeting the new ladies. this week flew by and I am beeeattt as usual. Nothing really new has been going on and I had a very boring week which means something is wrong ...I need to go get in some sort of trouble this weekend and I will I have my bunco group playing this Saturday night and believe it or not there quite a crew. More on those little ladies later for now Im heading home and I wish you all a great Saturday night....God Bless hey why has Howie not called he is traveling around the world I will give him a break this guys and remember to count your blessings not your burdens

by Lani Laskowski on Fri, May 09, 2008 @ 6:36 PM

Are things getting faster or Im getting older?
I really seem to be noticing things more around myself. Yesterday was nail day. Manicure time so I am there and most of the time I just mind my own business not today. lately I seem to be taking things in unlike before the cancer. So while I'm there for the zillionth time the girls start talking in there native language. It is enough and they got sick of me saying English so when they were talking I really did the eye things stare but not in a rude fashion then when they started to laugh so did I .....Silence....... all eyes on me and that was it no more idle talk ....... but allot of side eyes from the girls....And this was not the first time I have done this......Another thing why do we act like we are taking the Bill of Rights from a magazine when we rip out an article we like....Slowly and with great care we slowly rip it not to make anyone notice us then slowly fold the page to get it into our pocket or purse. Not anymore Ladies and Gents I'm a public ripper I don't care they only throw the magazine away and they put the magazines there for us the magazines the paying customer????? Oh but don't take a page that may have an article that one may want to read....not good Ok enough I'm better now have a good day and God Bless the magazines!!!!

by Lani Laskowski on Tue, May 06, 2008 @ 10:29 AM

Great Turn out for Wally Mart bake sale
We did fab Tracy myself and our newest member Susan (did I tell you we got a new boobie) made a whopping 525.00 how great is that. I personally thank everyone in Simi valley who donated thank you thank you thank you now I'm in a coma so I'm going to bed I know it is only 7pm buttttttt woke up at 5 for the 7 mile walk stood at wally mart bake sale for an additional 3 or so hours and now just the thought of my bed is really a almost sexual feeling......Remember I said almost God Bless each and every one of you......Thank you Simi Valley

by Lani Laskowski on Sat, May 03, 2008 @ 8:13 PM

If I see another cookie I may vomit
Oh my gosh I have been non stop cookie cooking since last night. My back is achy I have acne from all the butter fumes. If I bag one more thing I think I will scream. then I need to go on my 7 mile walk in the Am. Good night and God Bless

by Lani Laskowski on Fri, May 02, 2008 @ 10:54 PM

Let the baking begin
YA know that deal or no deal really needs me need i say more? Plus I got a lecture from my sister Judy today on how the banker works eye opening but hummmmmm is it true.....Judy is a nickle and dimer carries coupons everywhere looks for the best deal and never ever ever pays retail plus she is so nice to people at the store they look to give her stuff just because she is so sweet I went shopping once with her and they acted like I was the evil sister like a house should drop on me ...It is a gift this woman has I gotta tell ya...Last night I went and helped at the intro meeting for the Avon walk it was so great to see so many women signing up. Plus some of the ladies from Dr. Czubiaks office were there love it locals.....Everyday I see more and more people that have been touched ......geeezzzz ok I'm at work so lets make this quick before the hooligans arrive. Tonight I must start the baking and the bag assembly. I have to make 4 gazillion cookies Tracy and I are doing a bake sale at our local Wall Mart Saturday oh my gosh come up it is off Madera and Cochran from 11ish to when all 4 gazillion cookies are gone. Well busy day today but I will check in during my baking extravaganza.God Bless

by Lani Laskowski on Thu, May 01, 2008 @ 9:59 AM

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Tuesday and I better start Baking
Tonight I need to get back to the gym how many times have I said that. I do go when I say it. It seems as if I'm busy all the time could that be true? I will keep a busy log from this day forward. I did go back and trade the walking shoes in that I bought and they gave me new ones. The ones I have from them seem to hurt my feet they gave me 5 gazillion reasons why ..Do you ever find it funny that when you are not happy with a product they always seem to make it seem acceptable or that you did something wrong? Strange but the stranger thing is we let them make us feel that way at least I do and I'm not one to accept responsibility for someone Else's mistake. I'm getting way to nice this must stop right away. So no word from Howie yet you know my pal Howie Mandel I think he is waiting for just the right moment than BAM ....... Well tonight the gym then a meeting i got new pads for the other pair of shoes that made my feet hurt...the ones I tied to tight and wore the wrong socks and laced the wrong way and ever other reason but the fact that the young man who sold me the shoes was 12 years oldish....Ok I need to let this shoe thing go right now. Have a good night and God Bless

by Lani Laskowski on Tue, Apr 29, 2008 @ 6:41 PM

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Ouch Ouch Ouch
Ok so I start the walk with my team mild but good pace then I decide to go ahead because do-do head Tracy and no head protection Jo are so busy talking that i almost fell asleep...... so I go on ahead and with my usual fashion make a few dozen new friends but boy was everyone focused this AM walk by the time I got to know someone they just kept walking as if my noisy nis was unimportant do they know how important it is that I know details about there life's?????? Good lord but lets go back to the drive down to Long Beach . The first thing I get is a call from Tracy at 6:15 I'm coming sorry I'm late I have a tummy ache what is my first question did ya go dodo ???????? Logic right early morning unless your 9 months pregnant it is usually a good dodo in the AM. SO I directed her to my bathroom to at least get us on the she took care of business and off to get the baby Jolena who when she got in the car forgot her sunglasses and this girl is WHITE oh White so I gave her my visor because other wise her head would have blow off her neck. So we are almost to Long Beach down the 405 and I ask does anyone know where we are going silence well more silence....echhhhhh no address no directions I have to admit I did tell the girls I would map quest our trip I forgot. So Jo says I have email on my phone oh goodies so go fetch the mail and get our directions. Nope only gets new mail so she called home and got us the directions. SO she tries to hand the blackberry to Tracy but she had gone back into dodo contractions and by the look on her face we had better find a bathroom and fast. Off the freeway we go and once she had taken care of business we were off again but do we follow the directions Nooooooooooooo we think lets just go toward Long Beach not good. We get off the freeway and try to make our own way thru Long beach and we were not anywhere that looked even a bit safe......Right when we were going to turn around and go back the other way a lady told us we were 2 minutes from our destination and low and behold we arrived. The walk was a success and there is a picture we took that I will put on our team web site on Monday so come back and look for it I look quite sexy! Well tomorrow is another day and I love this mission Im on it just keeps getting better every day. God Bless and keep reading this blog and please tell your friends to log on they may enjoy it enough to actually donate OH YEAH!!!!!

by Lani Laskowski on Sat, Apr 26, 2008 @ 9:39 PM

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Mock Walk Mock Walk
Tomorrow is the mock walk I'm going just because I love to say mock walk say it it is fun...really the whole team all the Peek-A-Boobies are going by heck or high water I pulled the guilt trip on Tracy and Jolean was a good boobie and said she was going a long time ago. And did I tell you one of my yes I told you.......So tomorrow there is a raffle and I better win speaking of winning one of my donates is a neighbor who wins everything I tell you you know who you are Sue.....Seriously this woman has gone around the world and won all kinds of prizes from contests I think if she were on my team she could get me to my goal just thru winning contests. Anywho tomorrow the mock walk is a 4 to 7.5 mile walk in Long Beach it is kinda a mock walk mock walk pre-walk I will be telling you Saturday night how the girls will survive this they have not trained but then when I take my Saturday walks the 7.5 loop by the 5 miles my beppies those are my feet in baby talk they are so sore so I have no room to talk. I know that we will laugh and have fun so look forward to tomorrows update. For now I go to sleep like a baabbbeeeee ..It will be hotter than a witches tit.....Where did that saying come from.....Good night and God Bless

by Lani Laskowski on Fri, Apr 25, 2008 @ 8:58 PM

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Back to quilting
Went back to my quilting tonight. I meet with my cronies to quilt every Wednesday night it was good to see my pals again . I had not gone since the radiation because by 6 pm I was beat. We giggled and they told me the curtest joke ok ready. this old lady's husband died and so she did not want to be a burden to her family and was really broken hearted. She thought and thought about how to kill herself and then said ok I will shoot my self in the heart since it is broken anyhow. So she calls up her doctor and asks where her heart is exactly. the doctor says it is right below your left breast. Ok she says so she gets her gun and shoot herself just below her left breast. She was admitted into the hospital for a gun shot wound to the left knee...AHAHHHHHHHHH how funny was that get it ...... Life is good when you can laugh. Oh and one of my cronies from quilting is joining our team so we will have one more Peek-A-Boobie...Yippeeeee...Well Goodnight and God Bless

by Lani Laskowski on Thu, Apr 24, 2008 @ 12:11 AM

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What a day Deal or No Deal
Well let me start with the fact that a few months ago I thought a great way to get the 10 for the walk is to try out for deal or no deal so I downloaded application and a few weeks back I went back on the NBC web site to get the address to the studios to mail the stuff. I saw on the web that they were holding open auditions so as I mentioned in the April 7th blog I tried out....THEY CALLED and I went down for another audition today...............God Lord could you imagine pray and hope that I get this I would be able to get to my goal. Well tonight I have to go to a meeting and it was a long day training is going well but I do need to put more time in . Gotta go fold laundry so talk later and Keep the positive thought and prayers going were in a great spot. God Bless

by Lani Laskowski on Tue, Apr 22, 2008 @ 8:10 PM

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What a great Saturday
Stared off with the 7.5 mile walk met a new lady today she went on the training walk with me. Sherlee what a nice gal even though I talked to her non stop the whole walk it was super. Linda just kept shaking her head she knows how I am I love to learn all about people I want to know ever detail of your life and in 7.5 miles it is allot was really nice and I made a new friend one more person who has been touched. Any who after I finished the foot numbing walk babbling mouth of mine I went home and my husband took me out to run some errands and by the end of the day he had bought me a new four wheel thing. It is a Yamaha 250 Big Bear it is a four tire fun mobile it is a quad thing ...this new life is to short is really getting to me but lets talk fun I drove it up the dirt drive we have leading to the barn again and again and again love it and the man who bought it. He has talked for years about how he wishes I had a dirt bike so I could go with him to ride but nononono I'm to old I could get hurt I could break a bone I could just shut up and have FUN.........and fun I will....Well tomorrow is another day and it is late I was out playing Bunco with the ladies Jules won all the money but it is allot of fun and allot of laughs when we get together. Good night and God Bless God Bless my achy braky feet......

by Lani Laskowski on Sun, Apr 20, 2008 @ 1:18 AM

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Last day and what a day it was
Well today we finished radiation. I got done went to the car fa la la and broke down crying like a baby I could not stop. I called my husband to tell him how happy I was I think he thought I had been in an accident. The joy of the last treatment was overwhelming something I can not express to anyone who has not gone thru it and hopefully you won't. The girls at work were a joy today Tracy L got me a tray of cookies and a really sweet card. Tracey B made me a pie and we had a bottle of Sparkling soda we are going to crack that baby Monday because not everyone was there to cheers. They decorated the break room with pink ribbons and wrote a sweet note on the wall what a great group of women I work with. I went and bought them a box of their favorite muffins at the local bakery and they were thrilled I am very blessed to have such a great team of women to be surrounded by. So I am so tired my eyes are so ready to close so off to bed I go I have my training walk tomorrow and a new woman to meet looking forward to it. Last night I went thru the neighborhood and passed out bags of candy and letters for donations and I got a couple of donations from a few people it is great. Well God Bless and Goodnight Im ty-ty

by Lani

Thursday night and it is the last night before the last day of radiation
Yippe her rah her lalalalala lelelelelele looooooo....Do you know how happy I am tonight I feel like a child. Tomorrow I get my life back on track and it feels fab. No Mo rado......Went walking tonight to pass out candy bags with donation letters around the neighborhood. Had Gary go with me for the first round of homes then let him off the hook and headed for good ole' Linda's house you remember Linda my pal that taught me how to walk and stretch. So she got me around a few cul-de-sacs and we ran into a neighbor I kinda knew but she knew better and struck up a conversation and low and behold his wife has done the walk the last two years. Sweet sweet sweet. Well I'm so merry tonight I have more letters to print I'm starting to get my business marketing helmet on I have some good ideas for that to. the Team sent out letters to local doctors in Camarillo where I work and we have gotten a nice response from them. People like to give to good causes. Well Good Dreams and God Bless and thank you for continuing to follow my journey. We have only just begun my friends

by Lani Laskowski on Thu, Apr 17, 2008 @ 10:57 PM

Humpity Dumpity day
Wednesday and so far it looks like a great day. Yes I know it is 4:45 am but looks good here. Today for some reason I'm inspired I don't know why or for what but something is telling me it is an idea day. Now this can be good or bad but I will use it for all it is worth. Yesterday a cousin back east had a mascetomy this breast thing is really bad and it is getting better but not fast enough. My thoughts are really focused on the the the shoot what is the word the good lord I think I need to get back on the coffee to get this ole head rolling in the morning, Now I'm going to think of nothing but the word. What is that word you know to work for something and in the end the word is the the geeeeezzzzz I have to go take my shower and hopefully it will come to me so we can finish this thought....God Bless and have a great day...the word???????????????????

by Lani Laskowski on Wed, Apr 16, 2008 @ 8:06 AM

What happened to Monday?
Lordie it is Tuesday? What the heck? Would someone please locate Monday......Good news this is the last week of radiation...yippee...Now I need to really buckle down and get to it with my training. I'm doing ok but not like I know I can expect out of myself. The radiation as I have said is so time consuming and runs me down but next week were back....... it is funny that when it stays light out longer we do not have enough time to do everything we need to but when it is dark were so lazy...... Alright Im babbling so I will go for now God Bless and don't forget to tell your friends to visit this page and donate...Thanx

by Lani Laskowski on Tue, Apr 15, 2008 @ 5:35 PM

Sunday Morning at Mommys
Good Morning all spent the weekend at Mommy's. The only problem is that ever since my sister Judy went with me a few months ago it is just not the same ride. Not as much fun she is a lets make a deal shopper and what should have taken 2 and a half hours was a 8 hours shopping drive....God I miss that...I try to do this once a month. Just another cycle. Yesterday got my sister Casey to go for a walk with me history in the making it was nice we hit the road about 6:30ish before the heat hit. Im in Hemet close to Palm Springs the heat gets up to 90 ouch for me I do not like the heat at all. The walk was fun we roamed into the local thoroughbred horse farm it was full of horses (really) and all the new babies. There were peacocks and 2 million chickens. On our way out we spotted miniature horses so small little legs they reminded me of my other sister Mimi she is short. So I got to go after that and say Hi to all my cronies those are my pals up here Betty, Jeanne, Spock ,Wickie they are a special group of ladies that are my mom's friends that I have become quite close to. When ever I come up here we play card for BIG money quarters dimes and nickles....... Thieves they are and I think one cheats....shhhhhhhh...but in the last couple of years I have become quite attached since the cancer we have not had a good game so I go to their homes and say HI yesterday we went but were in a bit of a hurry to get to the movie (the worse movie we have seen in a year) so I did speed visits I don't think any of them remember me being there. But I love them all. Well into the shower and off to home God Bless and have a good day.

by Lani Laskowski on Sun, Apr 13, 2008 @ 10:28 AM

I really want this radiation to be over....
I really do want the radiation to be done already ...... I'm so tired by the end of the week it is hard to do anything after work. Just want to come home and hit the hay.... Wowie I broke 2000 today in donations . Only 8000 left to make the goal. I need to hit the road and pass out more flyers and letters. I stuffed 100 bags with candy and letters for the neighborhood Gary is going to go with me on Monday to pass them out. Mailed some to business's. I need to go next weekend and make personal appearances to the local small business (l ike Im some sort of star) I think to big like large companies I think I will get a better response from our little locals. Only 4 more months till walk day. Mock walk is in two week looking forward to that. I like to say it too Mock walk mock walk walk mock sock jock lalalala tired Good night and God Bless I really do pray for everyone each night do you feel it?

by Lani Laskowski on Thu, Apr 10, 2008 @ 10:08 PM

Back to the gym as promised
Well went to the gym as promised and as usual there is always something that get to me. This trip balance yes balance what is it with balance I do not know but I do not have any. I find that I can not drink a sip of my water and walk or elliptical at the same time. I tried and almost fell and the sad part is there as a woman who was behind me and she tried so hard not to stare at me when I tried to sip my water. She could not help it it got to the point where I gave her a little its okie to stare at me lady look. Tonight I'm taking a walk it is safe but I do not know how I am going to sneak away from the house with out the dogs I need to walk at least once a week with out them. One is watching me type right now they know. Well must get going to Rado it is really early right now 5 ish in the morning have a good day and God Bless.

by Lani Laskowski on Tue, Apr 08, 2008 @ 8:02 AM

The weekend is gone POOF
Well it is Sunday night and the weekend went by way to fast. My sister Mimi and I spent the day at the racetrack they had an open casting call for a game show so we thought it would be a way to get more money for the walk. Met some super nice and super strange people. Tonight I'm going back to the gym it has been so buzzie with bake sales and radiation that I have had no time to train the last week. But tonight we get back on track and we know everyone missed me at the gym...Well Goodnight and God Bless.

by Lani Laskowski on Mon, Apr 07, 2008 @ 2:59 PM

Friday night smiling
What a great week. Our bake sale was a great success. 503.00 wow wow we woozier We met so many great woman and so many stories of survival and love. I do have to say I'm so glad I got this cancer because it has enriched my life so much. I can not express what it has done to me and I don't think anyone is ever the same . Ever woman is touched differently and mine is so special because each day it is like a new adventure. It just keeps getting better. God Bless gotta go to bed by Friday I'm just pooped ...... Hey finished week three of radiation. yeha

by Lani Laskowski on Fri, Apr 04, 2008 @ 10:57 PM

Oui' it is Thursday night and I am spent
Is that what the hip people say I'm Spent? when they are tired? I joined myspace today because I know that when September comes this web page will end and what the heck will I do to carry on the message?????? Any suggestions? I'm a crab apple tonight my neck hurts I have been cooking for three days and now Jo and myself are going to tie pink ribbons on bags all for the cause. I hope they sell. the baked goods I will update you tomorrow. Oh my word I did a really good April fools joke on my co-worker.....Since the cancer thang I have not had a period and my tummy has been really upset. So I asked her about her hot flash's etc cause my body is changing lalalala...then a girl from an office next door called pretending to be from the doctors office and pretending to tell me Im pregnant.......Keep in mind people Im 53 and as much of a joy as it would be not now please. I had her going I really almost peed my pants we keep it going for a couple of hours.....Finally I told her and let me say she has a great sense of humor. I love the people I work with we have so much fun at our office. ok Jo is here and we need to get to pink bowing it.....Wish us luck tomorrow..God Bless

by Lani Laskowski on Wed, Apr 02, 2008 @ 11:10 PM

Zoom it is Wednesday
Jezzz I woke up and it is Wednesday this week has flown by, tomorrow we have our bake sale at our work I baked last night so long I dreamt I left cookies in the oven woke up and checked just to make sure. It is darn o'clock right now and I'm already late for rado I have to zip in blow out the tunnel bangs and get going I will write more tonight when I am baking again and again and again........Hey the logo is up on the team web site go check it out at The Peek-A-Boobies ...God Bless

by Lani Laskowski on Wed, Apr 02, 2008 @ 8:03 AM

I was in a walking coma.....
Did anyone notice I was MIA Saturday. Well we all know I took my first training walk 7.50 and no wonder no one came to join me it was pure walking ...... how do I put it.....burning numbing aching will it ever end walk. But low and behold my neighbor Linda showed up to show her support and walk with me. Now she is a runner by nature she runs 4 millions miles a week no water bottle thank you smiling all the way thank you. So I thought I was starting out all alone and she pulled up just as I was getting started. When I started I thought hummmmmmm do I really need this extra shirt I will get very hot with in the first few minutes of the walk...wrong people after the first 10 minutes my arms were numb from the chill Linda offered me her extra shirt half a dozen times but what was the point i could not feel my arms so why warms them up now..... I was doing really well till about an hour and a half into it then muscles I did not know existed let me know they were still alive. Now mind you Linda stopped me through out the walk to show me stretches that would help and with in these lessons I was laughing when she kept saying the left the left no the left.... oh the left I laugh now but this angel of walking must have wanted to KILL me by the time we were done.. And the amount of information this woman's has on walking running and anything else that has to do with exercise is amazing I'm taking her along from now on. I may have her stand by the tread things at the gym just so I have more information. truly amazing and no you can not borrow her she is mine.......So when we were done she bought me a Jamba juice for my first walk completed. It is times like these that you know who your friends are .....Let me tell you anyone who is going to do this walk that has not started training do it now or you will perish............So I could not move most of Saturday I almost went to buy a walker really...but low and behold today no pain it is again truly amazing......Well I needed to check in and say thank you to everyone who is sending there donation they are truly appreciated and I am going to train even harder now that I did the 7.50 walk I am going to do it every Saturday oh and how long did it take me....two hours lord have mercy....God Bless

by Lani Laskowski on Sun, Mar 30, 2008 @ 6:19 PM

I forgot you yesterday...sorry
I actually forgot to write last night. Bad me. I was baking cookies for my radiation pals tomorrow is there last day of treatment so I baked them cookies and slipped in an Avon walk donation card......Hey anything to get the cause out there. I'm feeling so much better tonight I'm heading back to the gym and tomorrow I am having my first training walk. Hopefully I will live. It is a 7.47 mile walk around the neighborhood. The new shoes are semi broken in we will see how I do if you don't hear from me by Saturday night it is because I'm still at one of the spots we are going to stretch hitch hiking home. So if you are in Simi and see the Avon shirt the tunnel bangs and larger than life feet its me don't stare pick me up and give me a ride. Our bake sale is next week and I'm going to go see if WallyMart will let us bake sale next weekend. I think I have figured out what I can do after the walk I'm almost there in thought so the BIG idea will be revealed soon. I still feel that this cancer is telling me to do something after the walk to help. Well gotta go God Bless

by Lani Laskowski on Fri, Mar 28, 2008 @ 12:11 PM

What the heck happened to Tuesday?
Wow what happened to my Tuesday posting. It was really boring so you missed nothing. I have a cold that one of the Peek-A-boobies gave me so feeling kinda crappy. Yeah Tracy did it , infected me ...... who da thought? So like last night I'm going to bed early. have not walked all week because of the cold. I don't want to get any sicker. But Saturday morning I am doing my first training walk 7 or so miles I'm quite excited. So 6 am to early? thought so so lets start at say 7am. Well I'm going to go post it now and go to bed I have to catch up on my rest. God Bless and sorry I'm so well boring just been a bit under the weather.

by Lani Laskowski on Wed, Mar 26, 2008 @ 9:41 PM

Just another day at rad oh
Well not bad for a Monday but I can not tell anymore if I'm sick or it is side effects? Got a cough but not bad ...runny nose no but cold like feeling. nausea yet not sick really weird but if I continue to feel this way the rest of the week than I have to say it is from the meds and Rad. Went to Wally Mart to buy 75% off Easter candy but there was none and I still spent money for gosh sake but they are going to let us have a bake sale quite excited. Im a tired girl tonight from the weekend so off to bed early. we need a way to share pictures of my adventures....any ideas???? I may be going myspace soon I may have to....God Bless

by Lani Laskowski on Mon, Mar 24, 2008 @ 11:36 PM

What a Grand EASTER
I am truly blessed I know I say it all the time but what a super Easter we had up at Aunt Judy's. The food was fab, the company great. We laughed and enjoyed each others company so much I am going to get a my space page just so you can start to see the pictures or I have to get a web page anyone know how to do that for free????? Oh my god then we go to the Motel 6 ...Lets see as my husband put bare in mind i was trying to save a few buck with the Motel 6. So he goes and checks in earlier in the day and says that if he did not know it he wondered if it were a hotel or a brothel????? Sweet......So we check in to the glorious room 110 now mind you it was clean white walls and all. But I go to turn the bed down knowing you never sleep with the top cover a on we all learn ed from the 20/20 how much euuuu is on the hotel room stuff report. SO turn the bed down and the blanket has cigarette burns on it I cover my pillow with my robe to protect my head. We got to brush our teeth....oh my no toothpaste....of no that is not all...Before we left I told my darling husband you go take care of the horses and I will pack for you it is the least I could do. Yup get there oh shoot I forgot to pack you anything.......yeah and this man as I have said before is a saint a gift from god.......he says no problem....If it could be going any worse I don't know how but we made it thru the night and brushed our teeth at Judy's and of course I could not wait to tell everyone what a boob I am and an angel he is........Again we all laugh after everyone else told of there vacation nightmare packing stories we all felt great....then the boys went golfing again and the girls washed all the cars and pretend that we were rock singers with the hose microphone...yeah yeah yeah....I wish you could see the pictures ....Well with a Smile on my face I bid adoooo and wish you all a blessed Easter holiday and Passover right around the corner...God Bless

by Lani Laskowski on Sun, Mar 23, 2008 @ 10:15 PM
My red nose
IF one more person says do you have a cold? I may nose is raw looking sexy...but beyond all that the kids are all here at Aunt Judy's Paso sister. Everyone is giggling picture taking and eating. So much for the four pounds I shed. Gary went golfing with Mark the chippie.... We are getting ready to have some ham and potatoes and salad..yummy...Heather Anne made a cute bunny cake i wish you guys were all here to see all i talk about all the time. So I wish everyone a wonderful and blessed Easter. Casey my sister has a birthday tomorrow in Easter funny. SO God Bless you this great bunny day...enjoy all your loved ones hug them....

by Lani Laskowski on Sat, Mar 22, 2008 @ 8:03 PM

Again TGIF and I have a cold
Wa Wa Wa anywho . Last night said oh key dokey let go to bed good and early off we go at 8pm and that is early for me. So I get all snuggled up in my bed extra blanket to kick off in the night. Got the whole body position left leg straight right leg bent to optimize my side of the bed and not let my sweet hubby invade. The arm above the head but tucked into the extra pillow so the monsters don't get it and eat it off. it is the same monsters that will eat my toes if I don't have them covered with blankie....and yes they are related to the monsters that would grab me in the deep end of the pool and suck me into the filter eat me and spit me out as sewage....yes the filter monsters. Never use to swim in the deep end because of those varmints...Anyway got all snuggled up and drifted off to lalala land..But oh no at 2:12 am I woke up wide eyed and ready for well lets go tinkle redo the chap stick and tuck back in eyes open 2:55........relax.....but no my head should you know me at all when it is up it is up. I am trying to remember what the wave looked like that Howie Mandel does on Deal or no eal when he signs off .....And we know how important that is......Nope....then i hear beep.........beep ah my cell phone someone left a message for me not important you need your was probably Heather leaving a message .....not important but as long as I'm up maybe if I go check it I can just get back to sleep......I go out open the phone and delete the message now I spend the rest of this glorious morning thinking about who it may have been.....finallllllyyyyy at 4:55 I gave up and showered got ready for radiation today .....tired.....but the good news is Im going back to Judy's this weekend.....Taking The hubby and the Hanksters...that is my son Hank. and Heather banana is meeting us there...she is the daughter....alright I am off to bed.....God Bless you all and again thank you for all the donations .......

by Lani Laskowski on Fri, Mar 21, 2008 @ 10:30 PM

Tired again jeeeezzz luiezzzzz
Tonight is a very boring night all I can do is say goodnight. Why I even forgot to drop off the dry cleaning from work. Luck me a Peek-A-Boobie is coming over to pick it up and take it for me in the am. Have any of you decided to join the team for the walk? Don't forget I am starting training walks the weekend of the 29th early people like 6amish yes that is 6 in the morning. I have been getting donations in the mail and from people who have given me such nice letters. I'm so blessed...Well good night and God Bless...Easter bunny this weekend..... Love Holidays

by Lani Laskowski on Thu, Mar 20, 2008 @ 10:21 PM

The bun
As most of you know I wear the famous bun e v e r y day of the week. So when I do radiation I must take out the clip..which is the size they use for new Born's. So I take the clip out so that it wont stab me. The radiation guy Jeffy says hey never noticed but your bun never moves even without the clip.........Thank you Jeffery radiation buddies only have 5 more treatments....sad I will have to hook up with a new crowd.... They are clicks down there people who have met down there and get to know one another. I should have no problem even though I am so shy. Well very tired tonight so sleep early...God Bless and no I did not go to the gym or walk night off exhausted and God Bless ya anywho

by Lani Laskowski on Thu, Mar 20, 2008 @ 11:37 AM

Neuroligistolgysih appointment
Radiation went well saw my peps. got radiated ...Then the day really begins. I have an appointment for a bone scan today. Well the first thing you have to do is get some radioactive liquid injected into your veins. So I head on over to Woodland Hills and went down to Neurology Dept. The sweet young man takes me back to the room for the injection. He tells me to take a seat I went directly to the large leather lounge chair seeing as it was going to be a long appointment. He comes back in looks at me funny and says over here please...fine I'm easy so I go over to the wooden desk from 6th grade and hand him my arm. Slowly he ties the rubber strap around it and begins looking for just the right vein.....I close my eyes turn my head and know that this is going to take a while. He takes off the strap and says okei dokei done..... not so fast bucko. Where is the IV bag filled with radioactive material you need to pump in...Nope were done. Wow I really thought I would have more like Lost in Space with the haz mat outfits the hugh purple glowing IV bag and the robot from lost in space saying Danger Lani Robinson Danger!!!!! Well he kindly escorted me out and said come back in 3-4 hours...FINE!SO off I trot and back I come at 3ish thinking that it is going to be really fast for this scan. So here comes the nice kid in he asks any metal belts etc. Nope I felt like I was at an airport. So I plop myself on the bed and get comfortable and He says alright stay still I will be right back here I can see you and hear everything that is going on. The warnings should have sent off a warning .....SO I relaxed and the boy says Now Lani don't panic stay still because the machine is going to come really close to you but you will be alright...Close to me god lord I could have kissed it ...So if any of you know me you know I am claustrophobic to the max. I cut the collars out of my t-shirts for god sakes. I'm a 53 year old woman using a night light at home and anywhere I go.....Well my body goes tingley numish. thank god I'm padded up cause I swear I crapped my pants. But I say to myself....self just count backward to 1 from 60....60..5999...58888....down to 1...I say out loud you there??? to the idot kid who this AM was a sweet boy. I'm here please stay still when is it going to start in a high pitched yet oh lets not fool ourselves a panic old bats voice how longggggg????? It is going just stay still yeah yeah I heard that so I did not move like I was going to break out in a dance for gosh sake!!!!!! Finally we are done I'm still alive and I jump up from the bed thing like a jack rabbit. I head out of the building so fast they probably wondered what the heck happened to me......... Oh and on a good note the new tennis shoes Super-----God Bless I don't think I will need a night light tonight I glow......;-)

by Lani Laskowski on Wed, Mar 19, 2008 @ 1:47 PM

First day of Radiation
Well going to bed right now because I have to get up reallllly early to get to LA for radiation. the people that are at the radiation who are getting are the happiest and most grateful people I have ever been around. I hope and pray that I can keep them as my model . Not that I am ungrateful but like with so many things we all are creatures of habit and even with the best of times and the worst or times we go back to our old habits and attitudes. It is in our nature. SO each night I will add to my prayer not to ever forget this journey I am on ....Well tired a bit unsettled tummy...God Bless you all .....

by Lani Laskowski on Mon, Mar 17, 2008 @ 11:52 PM

Sunday burrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Lord have mercy went up to the horses today to feed and it was cold cold cold...... even though we have no idea what real cold is here it was California cold........ 50ish....the new shoes are super tomorrow I will wear them to the gym... My big goal is to run on a treadmill at this time to get a sip of water is a challenge. I will be walking looking at each person that is not looking back (we will talk more about that tomorrow)and I go to grab my water and take it up to my mouth and I lose control have to grab the bar to stabilize just to take a 2 second sip of water. Pathetic seriously....Well it was a beautiful day today another grateful day well good night and God Bless......

by Lani Laskowski on Sun, Mar 16, 2008 @ 9:00 PM

Saturday night......what the hail
Wow it just poured down hail in Simi it was pretty kool. Pea size for about 5 minutes .... Well got two pair of shoes today compliments of my hubby. Thank you Pa. So tomorrow I will walk to break one pair in then Monday I will wear the other to the gym... I hope people will think oh she is getting a bit to the norm now...... you all know what the outfits look like..;-) If you have already donated thank you but if not do it now. Also please forward my Personal page to your friends and encourage them to do so. IF you need another copy you know my email so just ask...... Well I'm going to put on my Mrs. Green outfit now that would be the Green men's tuxedo shirt, the lucky charms pants, the green mullet with a blinkin' tiera the shamrock ear rings, the over the top large green necklace and my green shoes...... for the Bunco party then bed and church in the morning. God Bless

by Lani Laskowski on Sat, Mar 15, 2008 @ 7:36 PM

What a week and looking forward to the weekend. this will be my first normal weekend since January. I will super clean the house . Double walk the dogs...Go get the new tennis shoes promised by the hubby Gary.....Very sweet. I know I have to buy two pairs but not in the budget this week maybe in the next few weeks we can do that. Tracy is quite happy her donations are coming in. I need to help Jolena get her donations going. Tracy and Jolena are my team members we work together. We will do fundraisers to help her it is harder when you are younger. Your friends don't take it quite so seriously still in the too young to have anything happen to us mode. Remember when we use to be invincible...... those were some fun times. tomorrow I have a game night with a great group of ladies. We are all dressing up in green and do I have an outfit for them...... If any one takes a picture I will post it....A hint I bought a green mullet wig.....oh yeah..well good night and God Bless.

by Lani Laskowski on Fri, Mar 14, 2008 @ 10:22 PM

Took a night off from training if you call it that
Yup took a night off. But by the time I did the horses fed the dogs and .......dug up the dead cherry tree I think I really did do a work out. Im worried about my Julie she is my good friend who had cancer prior to my being diagnosed and she got it bad. Very aggressive and already with a kidney transplant she is not doing good this week. Tonight her sister is with her Mary Pat and that is good. I would like if everyone would put in an extra prayer for Julie and keep her in your happy thoughts. I walk for her daily because I know if she could she would be by my side for this walk. We made flyers for a bake sale for the team today and here is a good idea. On the flyer we put to anyone who puts in a donation of 25.00 or more the team will bake there own cake and deliver it....sweeeeeettttttt.......So it has been a long day and I am going to go to bed after a give a call to Julie I try to talk to her everyday.... God Bless you all and tomorrow TGIF....

by Lani Laskowski on Thu, Mar 13, 2008 @ 10:19 PM

Yo Yo No Chemo.......skip ta ma lu my darlings
Well went to see yet another doctor today and great news no chemo...... This day marks the day I can actually start to get back to some sort of normal doings. Since January when all this started to happen I have been in a bit of a fog. It all happened so zoomishly.....and I have not had a chance to digest the whole concept of the cancer , the surgeries, the doctors, the counselors, the lab techs, the parking attendants everyone and now I can sit back and really take it all in. I have been blessed in so many ways. Tonight I am going to go sit and stare at my husband and let him know how much I love him .... I can not imagine what he has been going Thu, I think it has been harder on him than I realize. He is a gift from God. And anyone who knows him agrees with that statement. Good night and God Bless...and thank you to everyone who has been donating to the walk I am sooooo grateful....

by Lani Laskowski on Wed, Mar 12, 2008 @ 10:36 PM

Im tired....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
I need more sleep it is 9pm and I am going to go nite nite. If I want to do this walk and train the way I want to I need better sleep habits......I go to sleep at 11 12ish and wake up at 5:30 not a good thing. Plus tomorrow I have to go to the doctors and find out if I have to have chemo, I walked the doggies tonight and stopped and Linda and Bobs house we chatted or should I say I talked they listened....such good friends are so far and few between. I again am blessed and the more I write about it the more I see....It is true the old saying more will be revealed. Well my darling Gary hubby is in the bedroom playing his banjo i enjoy that ...... I will update you all on the doctors visit tomorrow until then God Bless. I miss my Heather Anne (Daughter) ;-( she lives in Oakland with all the tree huggers. She is quite happy it is truly a young people town...oh brother I have to go to bed stop listening to me you guys.....good night

by Lani Laskowski on Tue, Mar 11, 2008 @ 11:00 PM

Its a small world after all.......
Today I got an email from a lady who read the article ...Well low and behold she works for a dentist who does business with our office she and her sister both had cancer with in the same year. Make me think about my own sisters and pray they keep up on the mammograms. I tell you the cancer circle gets larger each day with people in my life. It is such a rare thing to get connected to so many people ....strangers who have been connected to you in some small way....from work your city your friends your neighbor to just someone who says Hello. I know this may sound strange but I love what this has brought to me each day. I am learning so may lessons that I have always tried to practice each day but this is really bringing it home. the Gym was good tonight I did notice that my bangs (the tunnel) bounces with my beat on the machines .Do you feel that I may be using to much Aqua Net.....yes I use Aqua Net see your grandma was not the only one to use it. People it is the only spray I trust for the tunnel bangs.........Well I have to try to adjust to this new sunshine time...God Bless you all

by Lani Laskowski on Tue, Mar 11, 2008 @ 12:17 AM

Sunday night ...back home...walked and Iam tired
What a beautiful ride home I had today. I did not want to battle the Santa Barbara 101 way home so I snuck Thu the 46 to the Bakersfield area. Wow what a beeeeutiful drive. The yellow mustard flowers and the orange flowers all over the mountains were breath taking and I found a little lamb-ie ranch with at least 100 babies so cute....... Gosh life is great....Came home and my neighbor Karen was there to greet me with a donation and an Avon pink head scarf. Her husband and herself have been involved for many years as crew members and she was so happy that I am going to be involved with this walk. Then our Realtor Christine came by to give me tips. She did the walk for her mother 8 years ago and I remember when she started walking and geminnie time flies...... This has been a great weekend . One more day I realize how truly blessed I am and that even out of the worse of times come the best of friends. God Bless you all and ohhhh thank you Judy

by Lani Laskowski on Sun, Mar 09, 2008 @ 11:56 PM

Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh she knows not what I do
Hey guys brainstorm which in itself could cause a headache. By the end of the weekend lets see if we (Like your are here with me do ya feel it) can recruit Judy for the walk. My idea besides the cause Tent partner. Honestly she mentioned it last night how great would that be to have my sister walk with me........... it just keep getting better....the day is winding down and I was thinking about another way to continue this breast cancer crusade I would like to make a center/hotline where in Simi we can give women the connection to how and where to get their mammograms for the low income and women who do not really know what to do. There are a lot of us who just don't have the information we need...Well I am going to see my Niece Nicoles play tonight have a great Saturday night...The article in the Star comes out tomorrow and I hope it helps people become more aware of our journey. God Bless

by Lani Laskowski on Sat, Mar 08, 2008 @ 12:16 PM

Up North this weekend
Well I came up to my sisters house in Paso Robles. But fear not I shall train. I was driving up and I saw a sign when I got off in Gaviota to stop at Uncle Chris's house it said Cross traffic never stops. I saw it out of the side of my eyes and had to turn around to read the sign because I was shocked at what I thought it said.... Do you know what I thought it said......Cross training never stops.....So arrived safely with the help of the Highway Patrol my brother in law Mark is a chippy a lieutenant I got lost what else is new and he brought me in the back way. So when I got here I said Mark I have to walk and he said okie dokie lets walk to the mailbox I looked down the hill and said down there ...yup .... no sweat holy moly even the dog had to get carried back up the hill.......I'm going to rest a bit and enjoy the time with my sister Judy....She is exactly one year older than me and her left breast has been swollen ever since MY surgery. So I'm visiting to help the inflammation she has suffered .....the swelling has already gone down......God love her she has been there every step of the way. The whole family has but more about them later we have 6 months for you to hear about them and you shall trust me.... Well God Bless and Goodnight

by Lani Laskowski on Fri, Mar 07, 2008 @ 8:41 PM

Another night at the gym
I gotta tell you I am a very strange lady. First I can not tell which is whiter my legs or the t-shirt I wore. Picture this 52 starch I mean starch white legs a bit unshaven black nickers men's sports socks rolled down and on the lower legs are the imprint of the knee high stocking I wore all day (sweet) then cast your eyes a bit higher a white t shirt sporting the Avon Walk (the one normal thing I have on) then my Aqua net sprayed bun with famous tunnel bangs that look like a New York subway on my larger than normal forehead. Senior Citizen bifocals on my glasses and there I am on the elliptical thing singing Abba Dancing Queen. And to top it off my son is outside the window of the gym laughing at the dork of a mom he loves so much. Oh just another day training............ Gotta love it Good night

by Lani Laskowski on Fri, Mar 07, 2008 @ 12:36 AM

3 miles and a day at radiation
Well lets start with yesterday and the cross training. God Lord my legs went rubber after I got off the machine that went every which way. the lipkicktic wacity wack....But today went to get tattooed for radiation pretty emotional the first time I think I realized I had cancer. But after that went on a three mile walk with a peek a boobie team member and a co-worker and three was fun...and while on the walk we ran into a neighbor who had breast cancer a 1 year or so ago and now it is back in her other breast. You see ya all it is everywhere so donate don't hesitate.

by Lani Laskowski on Wed, Mar 05, 2008 @ 11:19 PM

Went for the walk and pictures to boot
Well did my walk and I'm off and run walking. I even did a couple of runs for a few steps. Ya gotta laugh because my kids and most people say run like a real dip. So I did it in the dark. ;-)Plus as a bonus the Star Newspaper is doing an article on my mission, the photographer was there prior to the walk and that was to much fun. I think that he got more pleasure from the dogs they are the true stars. Well tonight I will go to the gym. I did not know what the x training meant till my son Hank told me it meant cross train. Wish me luck and thank you for following my journey.

by Lani Laskowski on Tue, Mar 04, 2008 @ 10:28 AM

Training Day
Well folks tonight I start walking I will take my dogs out with me. I will let you all know how it all goes tomorrow. I have never trained for anything in my life so it should be a hoot. Maybe I can get some donations on the way...

by Lani Laskowski on Mon, Mar 03, 2008 @ 2:42 PM

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