Saturday, September 27, 2008

Busy day...........................

Had so much to do today stayed very busy. We got a new patio and the backyard had allot of catch up work. SO tonight I need to work on my back ouch ouch ouch....Tonight I need to start thinking about when situations happen what part of it was me good or bad. This is a little off subject yet not. Friday at work a former patient of ours came in to give me a hug. He was also diagnosed with cancer mid year. I told him a bit of my story and sent a card to help him and cheer him up. I never realized how random acts of kindness mean so much to people and we never even know it. With tears in our eyes he thanked me for the card and the well thoughts and that I would never realize how much it meant to him. Well people this just keeps me saying that random acts of kindness looking for nothing in return are the true blessing of life. I want to share a few pictures of him in treatment so we never forget it is not just about breast cancer. Now if I could only download them

So my final thoughts are tomorrow or any day do something with out anyone elase having to know just do it and don't do it to get anything out of it just kindness. You will feel great and carry that with you daily. It could be your last day to do soemthing nice.

This is what Mikie likes to ride.... Well I got one Picture in good lord.. well god bless you all will try to put the other in tommorrow

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