Sunday, November 24, 2013

Things can get complicated

Well as you all know Mama is gone but not forgotten. Do you have family? I do have to say no matter who you are and I do not care how close you "say" you all are there are always issues. There was a time in my life when I worked so hard to make the family unit what I "assumed" a family should be. In hind site no family is the same or in any way perfect. Ya may say it and ya may think it but NOT!

We all are from somewhere. Agreed? We all have parents. Agreed? Now, we do not all live with or have a personal contact with said parent's but we all had two of them other wise you would not exist. As a victim of the 1950's I was brought up to keep your mouth shut when it came to family matters. When I gather with some of my friends from back in the day we often talk about so and so and the issues we knew they had. BUT we never at the time would have talked aloud about it.

Now it is a day later and I forgot what I was talking about. Shit ok family I think was somewhat the topic. I have talked to a few friends and just random women and the issue is the  same we all have dis-fun-tunial families and I have come  to the conclusion that it all depends on what you do with it them. I have chosen to be an adult and treat my family like adults. What does this all mean. Well I was not put on this earth to take care of my grown siblings nor was I made to baby my now grown children. I had and still have one job that is to stay sane and help out where ever possible.

But still what the hell does that mean. Hum ok as grown adults dealing with family I think we need to take the "Personal" part of it out and treat each other like we would any friend. Do as much as you can with out inconveniencing yourself or your own home. Have limit's?  Yes! Set limit's? Why you ask? I am glad you ask because if you do not have limit's anyone I say anyone will take - take - take and suck the life out of you. Sorry to all you bleeding heart nice guys but it is true if we do not kill each other with kindness we drown one another with with with ooh you know where I am going with this. Take care of you. Be selfish and be greedy with your time. You can not take it with you or any of the materialistic bull shit you think is so important. Be a good friend , love your loved ones, do random act 's of kindness that you do undercover do not look for praise. Do it and keep your mouth shut. Do it to be nice. 

Look I have a committee up in my head that goes off all the time. It re-writes thing's that I have done or someone has done to me.  I can sit for hours re-working a situation/experience. I should have done this, Why did I not do that, I could have done this! Seriously it is koo-koo for coco puffs. But in the end it is in the hands of a power far greater than me and if I would just let life do it's job I would have a lot more time to chill! 

Ahh I fell betta?
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Tangos Treasures said...

I'm so sorry for the loss of your Mom. Sending healing prayers & gentle hugs.


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