Thursday, October 31, 2013

Ahhh life

Well this month has given me many changes. The kids bot6h got married. Really happy both the new wife and new hubby are sweet a pie.  I had a great Halloween party this last weekend and it was so much fun. The neighbor's came over for a Halloween Neighborhoody get together. It was good to see everyone co-mingling. We live in such a great area and the neighbor's are a God sent.

I'm getting a lot of soups canned for the winter run and to have when the new year rolls around. I never realized how delicious food is when you are able to preserve it yourself. Doing well with my Ukulele and enjoying learning the instrument so much. My instructor Mark is great with "seniors"

Started to take a Yoga for Seniors with Mama and it is so fun and hilarious to watch the older people co-mingle and have fun. Damn they can move! They put me to shame. I look forward to getting back to my watercolor classes.

The yard is ok but misses all the time I use to spend in it. Life is good and I just needed to check in, more for myself then anyone else. Oh except you null!


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