Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Hello hello hello

I can not believe that it is Wednesday where did this week go....God Lord I am so swamped at work down by one girl that I laid off last month and let me tell you ever time I get overwhelmed I look at one of my other girls that I adore and say what the heck happened to that other staff member who got rid of her darn it....but the economy talks and it is good to stay busy but my work is stacking up....enough of that stuff.I just checked in with my calender girls at the challenge and I started my quilt...I met with my Wednesday quilt group and i think I have them hooked into starting a Wednesday night blog.....I'm so tickled.....but for now this is just a check in and hey hi tomorrow i am going for a hair cut so I can look even more gorgeous.....Alright I have allot to say but need to get some sleep...I will blog tomorrow night and catch you all up no drama lately but lots of great quilting and life thoughts...God Bless


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