Wednesday, October 29, 2008

They look friendly but do not let them fool you

Day two was harder that day one......I almost fell over my jump rope and if you are not right on task get your butt down and do push ups.... My biggest problem is will my bladder leak today when jump roping hey don't laugh it is a serious thing to have to pad up and have mp menstrual cycle ...and all i think about is what does it look like tomorrow ...have you ever woken up to dread the sun going down. It is dark when we are at the park doing this camp... I think they have it at the park so they are in the public eye so they don';t kill one of the poor little participants ... I know I know I will be happy with the results but can't I complain look peps I gave up my quilting night sitting around eating fattening food and talking with my cronies and night on the couch watching meaningless TV show and reruns eating candy or anything the chocolate monster would bring to me from the pantry with something salty to counter act the sugar.... the things I gave up it is hell i tell you hell....well god bless

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Rosanne said...

Hey good for you, hang in there!

Thanks too for visiting my blog!


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